You’ve had the best day of your lives, finished the Champagne and unwrapped all of the presents… now what? With a wedding shaped hole in your lives, it’s easy to succumb to the post-wedding blues, but you don’t have to!

Arm yourselves with these 10 ways to keep the post-wedding blues at bay and enjoy the bliss that being newlyweds should bring!


  1. First stop minimoon

Rather than heading straight to the airport the morning after your wedding, why not slow things down and stay closer to home to begin with? You and your new hubby can still cuddle up and enjoy your first married days in romantic seclusion so you won’t miss out.

Quite the opposite in fact, since you could have a four or five-night short break minimoon in your very own UK love nest before jetting off somewhere more exotic later on in the year. Not convinced? Read this and you’ll change your mind…


  1. Honeymoon later in the year

Delaying your dream honeymoon even by just a few months can keep the excitement of your wedding going which in turn keeps the post-wedding blues at bay. You’ll have something else amazing to look forward to after the wedding, and you’ll probably enjoy the run up more because you won’t be rushing about trying to put a wedding together and pack the hottest honeymoon outfits at the same time…

Want to banish post-wedding blues and make the most of your time as newlyweds? We talk minimoons, date nights and bucket lists to keep the sparks flying!
  1. Let’s talk wedding days…

Our featured couple Charlotte and Jamie spread their chateau wedding over three days, with barbecues and pool parties joining the more traditional order of the day. Next month, I’ll be attending a wedding with a similar set up which features a Friday night feast, Saturday wedding and Sunday brunch and barbecue. Surely there’s no better way to beat the short term post-wedding blues than by making the celebrations last longer. . .


  1. Time to get nostalgic

When your photographs come back from your photographer in a beautiful album, take the time to make an occasion of it. Pour a few glasses of Champagne, light the candles and cosy up together as you leaf through your beautiful pictures, reminiscing and reliving every treasured moment all over again.


  1. Girls’ nights

Planning a wedding might be all about you and your partner, but for brides it also often calls for a lot of girls’ time. Visits to boutiques, dress alterations, florist appointments, lots of brides enlist the help of their best girls through many stages of the planning. The loss of these social occasions can also contribute to the post-wedding blues. You don’t need an excuse like a dress fitting to get together though, so make sure you fill your social calendar with plenty of girl time too!


  1. Date nights

That being said, you do want to keep the romance alive and going strong with your new spouse. Keep the sparks flying with date nights, sweet surprises and weekend plans. Spending quality time together beyond your usual routine will keep your relationship fresh and romantic, giving you plenty to look forward to once the big day has come and gone. A game of this Mr and Mrs quiz wouldn’t go amiss either…


  1. Couple goals

You’re married now, so why not make the most of your new status as Mr and Mrs and set yourselves some couple goals? What kind of husbands and wives would you like to be? Make a list including some funny and some serious couple goals, then have a laugh as you try to achieve them together! Silly things like this can really bring you closer.

Want to banish post-wedding blues and make the most of your time as newlyweds? We talk minimoons, date nights and bucket lists to keep the sparks flying!
  1. Anniversary plans

And if you find yourselves wanting another project to plan and organise, why not get to work on your anniversary? You might have a year to go, but that will give you time to choose the perfect way to celebrate, save up if you need to and plan an anniversary to remember. If it’s a romantic getaway you’re after, then this A-Z of the best loved-up trips will be just the ticket.


  1. Newlyweds bucket list

Before the wedding you probably talked about the day a lot – there was an awful lot to organise, after all! This can leave some couples suffering from post-wedding blues because they feel a gap in their lives and conversations. What better way to fill them than with your very own marriage bucket list? Much like your couple’s goals, having a list of places you want to visit, things you want to do and and achieve together will bring you closer and give you plenty to talk about!


  1. Family get togethers

Another often-overlooked cause for the post-wedding blues is lack of family time. You’ll probably spend a lot of time together with your parents and siblings sharing ideas and stories in the run up, but why stop once the wedding is over? Just like getting together with your bridesmaids doesn’t need a reason, you don’t need one to justify inviting your family and friends round – so get a date in the diary and do it! You’ll soon find yourself focussing on things other than missing your wedding.


Do you think you’ll struggle from the post-wedding blues? What’s your action plan?