Tired of those traditional ‘something old’ ideas? The Royal Mint have got the answer and it could bring you some good luck along the way…


‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ – we’ve all heard the traditional poem, and many brides still try to match their wedding accessories accordingly. Some invest in expensive new lingerie, borrow antique diamond earrings, or don a blue garter to maintain the tradition and help ward off any bad luck. Others may prefer to splash out on a new scent, teamed with a vintage frock, blue shoes and a treasured family trinket to add their own interpretation and individual sense of style to the rhyme.


Many brides don’t realise that the final line of the poem is; ‘and a silver sixpence in her shoe’. Traditionally the bride’s father would slip a sixpence coin into his daughter’s left shoe on the way to the altar, to bring her luck and wish the happy couple a long and prosperous life together. Many brides have chosen to continue this tradition today and no traditional wedding would be complete without a beautiful wedding silver sixpence from The Royal Mint. All genuine silver sixpences were only ever made by The Royal Mint, when it was located at Tower Hill in London.

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The Royal Mint has selected the finest authentic silver sixpences, struck between 1920 and 1946, and presents each coin in a beautiful bridal-white gift box as a unique and unusual wedding present to represent something ‘old’ and which can be treasured forever.

Used to symbolise prosperity, love and unity, coins have a long standing history within many wedding traditions across the world. For many years it was the custom for the bride and groom to give each other gold and silver coins after exchanging rings, and this act is recorded in the first book of common prayer which was published in 1549. The Royal Mint’s gold Sovereign coins and silver Britannia coins are a perfect way for newlyweds to not only observe that tradition today, but also ensure that they have something ‘new’ in their possession at their marriage.


The masculine Sovereign coin is struck in 22 carat gold and still bears the highly distinguished St George and the dragon design that first graced its reverse a century ago. These striking coins make an ideal unusual wedding favour for any groom, and are perfect for passing down through the generations as a modern day family heirloom.


The Britannia was launched as a sister coin to The Sovereign in 1987, honouring the Great British warrior queen, watchful guardian and ruler of the seas, renowned for her beauty and strength. A classic 2014 UK Britannia Silver Proof One Ounce Coin is the perfect way for a groom to honour his own beautiful and strong bride on her wedding day.

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