Buying the PERFECT engagement ring can seem like a daunting task, but by following a few simple guidelines what first seemed impossible becomes easy peasy!

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An engagement ring is one the most emotional and personal purchases you will make in your lifetime, and if this isn’t reason enough to get your nerves jangling the overwhelming choice out there certainly is. But, stop and breathe, remember this should be an enjoyable task! Building an idea of what you’d like before you start the shopping is the best way to have a stress-free experience.

Work out your budget

If you have a clear idea of the price this can really narrow down your search so you’ve got a better idea of what’s available. You don’t have to subscribe to the notion that you should spend about two month’s salary, everyone is different and although the purchase may make you wince (in a good way!) you should be comfortable with what you’re spending. There’s a whole host of rings available whatever the budget!

Have a think about style

If you’re going to pop the question you definitely know your other half pretty well! But how much attention have you really paid to their jewellery style? Make a point of noticing the jewellery they wear everyday – is it yellow or white gold? Modern or traditional? Delicate and simple or bold and big? An engagement ring should really compliment her style, pay attention to her favourite pieces, have a rummage in her jewellery box and you’re bound to have a better idea of her jewellery tastes.

Why not go for something a bit different

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Perhaps your soon-to-be-fiancée has a particularly unique style and a simple diamond just isn’t going to be right. If this is the case then swapping a diamond for a coloured stone can work really well. Rubies, emeralds and tanzanite all look stunning as engagement rings and can make the ring really personal and individual.

Another way to please a one-of-the-kind kinda lady is to design a bespoke ring. Many people are handed down engagement rings, or special pieces of jewellery, and with bespoke design you can turn these into something new and exciting whilst retaining the special meaning. Perhaps you’ve got the perfect ring in mind, or maybe she does! By involving the bride-to-be in the process of making a bespoke ring it becomes a really special experience for the two of you to share.

Don’t be afraid to ask advice

Laings of Glasgow, found in the glittering Argyll Arcade in Glasgow, have over 175 years of dealing with diamonds and are an encyclopaedia of knowledge when it comes to engagement rings. Using a trusted jewellers, such as Laings, allows you to ask as many questions as you need to and ensures that you’ll get sound advice back. They understand that this is a really big purchase and want to help you! They’ll also be able to take you through diamonds step by step, advising on the crucial ‘4Cs’ and making sure you get the fantastic quality for your money. Don’t worry about taking your time either, it’s not just any old piece of jewellery that you’re purchasing and they’re more than happy to help! Visiting a jewellers with a great reputation means you’ll be making an informed decision and you’ll have the utmost faith in the quality of your ring.

If it’s more personal advice you’re looking for though don’t be afraid to confide in a family member or friend – just make sure they can keep a secret! If you bring along someone particularly close to your other half they’ll be able to offer extra insight into what they think she’ll love, another opinion is always a good thing!

Final thoughts…

Many people contemplating buying an engagement ring worry about getting the size right, however, there’s really no need to panic. The majority of rings can be re-sized to ensure the perfect fit and once the question is popped you can always re-visit the store to get this done. You could also think about sneakily taking along a ring she already owns as a guide for the size.

Don’t forget about online! You can often find that there’s a bigger range of engagement rings online than in the store with a wide variety to choose from. Laings of Glasgow also has an online shop that you can browse to your hearts content. It also means you can look for as long and as often as you like!