A honeymoon is meant to be an escape to unwind after planning your big day, but not all newlywed breaks are a relaxing experience. Here are some of the most common causes for holiday arguments and how you can avoid them and make sure you don’t have a holiday disaster.

avoid-a-holiday-disasterWandering eyes

Sun, sea and sand means one thing… bikinis and tight trunks! No one likes to see their other half checking out all the beach babes behind their dark sunglasses, so keep your eyes on the prize.

Activity conflicts

We all know that women become sun worshippers while holidaying abroad preferring to lounge by the pool topping up tans rather than looking for adventure or something energetic that the man may want to try. Be prepared to compromise if you don’t want a grouchy hubby and a holiday disaster!

Alcohol intake

So the cocktails are flowing at the bar, after all it is your honeymoon, but having one too many could be a recipe for an argument.


Women tend to pack anything and everything ‘just in case’. Taking up all the space in the suitcase with a month’s worth of clothes leaving your h2b with three outfits could cause problems. Try and split the space evenly, or your honeymoon could turn into a holiday disaster before it’s even begun!

Big spending

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Holiday shopping is such a temptation, but spending your honeymoon fund on a discounted Burberry bag isn’t fair on your other half.

Last minute madness!

Last minute packing for a holiday can leave us girls in a flap. Avoid a pre-honeymoon spat by packing at least three days before you’re due to fly, and keep all your documents with the passports somewhere safe.

Where are you off too on your honeymoon? Have you got any tips to avoid a holiday disaster?

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