Autumn is the perfect time to incorporate vibrant, luxurious jewel tones into your wedding palette. Deep purple amethysts, royal blue sapphires, red rubies, garnets and green emeralds have rich shades that create a bold, elegant atmosphere. The Wedding Team from the UK’s largest online diamond jeweller show us how to use these classic gemstones for sumptuous colour inspiration, pulling together a bejewelled look with bridal accessories and florals.

Amethyst Purple

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Details for an amethyst and lilac theme

Whether you choose a lush shade of plum or a deep tone of lavender, purple amethyst hues create plenty of texture and drama. Think mulberries crowning your wedding cake or plush table details in mauve or burgundy. A mixed floral bouquet with fluffy mauve peonies and aubergine roses looks stunning against a cream gown. If you want to add iridescence to your look, choose Brazilian amethyst jewellery – it offers exceptional clarity and sparkle in a setting of white gold and diamonds. For a softer look, try gentle lilac irises and periwinkle shades incorporated into a soft velvet belt or a delicate headpiece.

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Ruby Red

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Ruby red is a breath-taking accent colour that pops brightly, providing a beautiful, striking contrast against pure bridal white. Natural rubies are mined in varying shades of red, from dark cherry and racy crimson to intense fuchsia. These strong red hues are perfect for a wedding celebrated after the summer’s end. Get creative with red apple centrepieces or a vintage candy cart with red and white peppermint puffs in glass jars. Red accessories also provide a distinctive vintage touch – such as red lipstick with a birdcage veil, sparkling red ruby earrings or raspberry-coloured roses and peonies in a classic bouquet.

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Sapphire Blue

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Every bride should wear something old, new, borrowed… and blue. If you want to design a pre-winter wedding with lavish colour accents, sapphire blue and warm gold look stunning against porcelain white. This is an opulent palette that hints at Old World grandeur and looks stately on invites and in table settings. If you want more intensity, consider moving a few shades up from cornflower blue to vibrant navy – take your cue from natural sapphires which are found in all different shades of blue, azure and indigo. You can also work sapphire-inspired hues into your flowers with blue hydrangea, anemone and delphinium blooms.

Emerald Green

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The sacred colour of nature itself, the pure green hue of emeralds is perfect for decorating an autumn country fête wedding. Combine luscious bottle greens or deep teal table decorations with brass candle holders and crystal stemware for a delicate yet memorable statement. This is a wedding theme where foliage and quirky centrepieces like succulents in clay pots claim the principal role over flowers – although a skilled florist can also build you a stunning bouquet of green gladioli, santini mums and Queen Anne’s lace. Inviting the winter months ahead, your bridesmaids will welcome a soft, vibrant tone of dark mint or citrus green. To crown this look, glimmer and dazzle in exotic emerald jewellery, letting the magical inner glow of these coveted gems provide elegance and splendor.

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Merlot-red garnets with their radiant brown-and-gold highlights provide a breathtaking colour base for an autumnal wedding palette. Equally suited to boho and luxe occasions, garnets can provide eclectic 70’s gypsy inspiration as well as opulent glamour. Garnet jewellery interweaves beautifully with ornate pearl accessories, off-white textiles and lustrous opal details. For a bouquet that looks as rich as autumn foliage, mix crimson red garden roses, ranunculus, clematis and viburnum berries. Finally, echo these tones with a sumptuous Mediterranean table-scape of red wine, colourful Moroccan glasses, candles and terracotta flatware.

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Or rich Berry and Magenta Shades

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