Away from the busy holiday season but before the chill of winter sets in, autumn has become an increasingly popular time of year to tie the knot. With an insider’s perspective on all things wedding flowers, Interflora has asked its expert florists about the colours, trends, and styles emerging this season.

Overall the cooler weather will prompt more adventurous floral styling as flowers are less affected by the heat, meaning bouquets and decorations can be heartily accessorised with woodland favourites like pinecones and bare twigs to give an autumnal vibe. Autumn’s classic colour palettes of orange and red are set to fall off must-have lists, to be replaced by softer pastel shades of dove greys and dusty pinks – a shadow of the bold summer shades popular in the warmer months.

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And as the summer hues continue (albeit in softer shades), so too will winter start early, with icy whites playing a significant part in autumn florals.

Steve Betts, expert Interflora florist and owner of Urban Design Flowers, Birmingham:

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“Muted colours and oversized bouquets are definite favourites of the season. White, green, grey and pink, all in subdued shades are certainly coming through as key for the time of year. We’re not seeing anything traditionally autumnal, instead we have these clean and classic hues, much calmer tones than the bright and bold colours that were popular in the summer.


“Larger bouquets are certainly in vogue. Oversized bouquets are being packed full of gorgeous foliage to create that exuberant ‘about to burst’ look. Overflowing with large headed flowers, berries and fragrant herbs, we create volume and use texture to give that autumn feeling without the orange and red colour palette.”

Kate Ward, expert Interflora florist and owner of Louise Florist, Scarborough:

“More than bouquets on their own, floral headpieces are proving very popular with our brides and mini-maids – and they aren’t exclusive to the summer season. A trend very much taking its inspiration from the Boho styling that we’re seeing more and more of, brambles and hypericum berries help create a headpiece that’s very much of the time of year.

“Coral pink, mint green, dusky lilac and grey are very popular wedding colours for us for autumn; we’re using flowers like dahlias and chrysanthemums to create large informal ‘just-picked’ bouquets. We also have foliage like dusty miller with its soft silvery tones adding the must-have shades of grey to the seasonal colour palette.”

Karen Barnes, Interflora’s lead designer and Head of Product Development:

“Autumn is a great time of year to get married, especially for the flowers! The cooler weather often means that flowers will last longer and you can be more adventurous in their styling – think oversized bouquets, large floral arches and even mossy table runners.

“Seasonal favourites like hydrangeas and dahlias are perfect for the washed-out palette of colours popular with brides for autumn and our expert florists can pair these with great year-round varieties like roses, gypsophila and even succulents to complete that faded pink, dusky lilac and grey colour palette.”

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