Looking for autumn wedding bouquet ideas perfect for your big day? From blazing burnt orange shades to more neutral tones, these are the most popular flowers for autumn bouquets and wedding flowers.

Credit: Taylor Henry via Unsplash

There are many perks to having an autumn or winter wedding but when it comes to hand picking flowers for the big day, there’s often a panic about what’s still in season.

11 Beautiful Autumn Wedding Flower Ideas

Laura Suttie, Design Consultant at Queensmith said: “There really is something magical about a wedding in autumn or winter.

“Autumn and winter offer naturally vibrant colours and the darker evenings allow for a more cosy atmosphere, emphasised by foliage, fairy lights and candles.”

Gardener Adam Kirtland, who spoke exclusively to Ethical jewellery brand, Sacet, has shared the best flowers to use for your Autumn/Winter wedding bouquet, along with tips on how to create an arrangement at home.

“Depending on how deep into autumn your wedding will be, depends on the flowers you’ll be able to use. If you’re at the start of autumn, then your summer plants, such as Dahlias, might just still be in flower, but if you’re later in the season, then think about Ammi Visnaga, Nicotiana and Rudbeckia.”

1. Roses

Annie Spratt via Unsplash

“For winter,  the strong centrepiece is likely to be a classic rose, with plenty of white options to go for to give you the perfect winter wedding bouquet.” said Adam.

Classic roses takes top spot as the most Instagrammed wedding flower with over 30 million hashtags. There are many reasons why this beautiful bloom dominates Instagram.

With a little TLC, roses are available all year round and are also available in many different colours from romantic pastel colours, bright and vibrant colours in the summer months and the classic Valentine’s red.

2. Sunflower

Credit: Hoang Minh Hai via Unsplash

Sunflowers are the second most photogenic wedding flowers with over 10.3 million hashtags.

Although these large, sunshine-coloured blooms are associated with the summer season, sunflowers come in 70 different varieties and some of which can withstand winter months. Sunflowers can make the perfect autumnal addition to any wedding with more unusual rusty colours becoming available.

3. Orchid

No. 1 Rose & Orchid Bouquet, Waitrose

In third place is the exquisite and elegant orchid, with 5 million hashtags. In addition to being popular wedding flowers for both bridal bouquets and centrepieces, orchids are also one of the most popular houseplants in Britain, making beautiful housewarming gifts.

4. Eucalyptus

Autumn Hydrangea and Eucalyptus Bouquet, Dunelm

Fourth place goes to the fragrant eucalyptus, with 1.9 million Instagram hashtags. These are a wonderful way to pad out your autumn bouquet as the green foliage looks perfect among autumn hues.

5. Daisies

Pink Dream Peach Dried Flowers Bouquet, Etsy

In fifth is daisies with 1.4 million hashtags – and dried flower bouquets make for a beautiful autumn wedding flower choice – plus, they’re a lot cheaper than fresh flowers!

6. Lilies

Credit: Earl Wilcox via Unsplash

Lilies are a beautiful choice year-round for your autumn wedding bouquet, though we particularly like the orange hue as a nod to autumn.

7. Hydrangea

Autumnal Hydrangea Bouquet, The Flower Stand Chelsea

The beautiful hydrangea makes for the perfect autumn bouquet, with several gorgeous hues available.

8. Dahlias

Burnt Orange Dahlia Bouquet, Flowerbx

Dahilas are a sweet choice for a laid-back boho wedding, and their long flowering season means there’ll be easier to source than other varieties.

9. Sweet peas

Sweet Pea Morning Meadow Bridesmaid Posy Bouquet, Wild at Heart

Sweet peas are a timeless wedding bouquet choice for any time of year, and add a classic look to autumn celebrations.

10. Chrysanthemums

The Savill Bouquet, Paul Thomas

Some of the most popular autumn flowers are chrysanthemums, often tied to the arrival of autumn since they are one of the most flowers at this time of year, meaning they’ll be cheaper and easier to source for your autumn wedding.

Other popular choices include lilacs and thistles. While roses and sunflowers were praised for being the most popular wedding flowers, the research also named and shamed the flowers to avoid.

Hypericum is the least popular plant for an autumn and winter wedding (with only 8.1K searches), and lisianthus flowers as well as freesias were found at the bottom of the pile too.

11. Foliage

Credit: James Bold via Unsplash

“Foliage will play a larger part in winter, too – a bountiful bouquet will give your guests something to talk about and the foliage will add to the seasonality of your big day. Eucalyptus is a fantastic choice for foliage and adds real depth, whilst Dill ‘Tetra’ is a beautiful soft foliage that’s super easy to grow.’” said Adam.

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