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Wedding day beauty can be a little tricky, especially when it comes to creating flawless, beautiful skin that glows on AND off camera.

Tasha, Ikonworks Photography

Seeing on the supplier list that a fabulous make up artist is attending, makes me very very happy! Someone who hopefully has carefully listened to the bride, and worked with her through her trial to ensure on her big day she feel’s fabulous, confident and extraordinary.

Working with Frances Moore on our covergirl shoot, was nothing short of a pleasure.  She was clearly totally at ease, creating something stunning for Sophie, and her application and attention to detail was superb. Here Frances talks us through some tips and advice for what to expect with your MUA and an step-by-step for achieving Wedding Ideas August issue cover girl look!

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MUA -Frances Moore Photography Ikonworks


Things to discuss with your MUA

It’s important for you to look and feel like yourself on such an important day… You want your beauty to be enhanced and for you to look better than ever!

Ask your make-up artist what colours and style he or she thinks is best for your skin tone and facial features.

Tell your make-up artist what you like or dislike about make-up. This will open up a great conversation about your comfort with make-up.

Share with your make-up artist the colours you have styled into, and selected for your wedding, as well as giving her a sneak peak at your wedding dress, and accessories.

If you are wearing glasses, make sure you show her the one’s you intend to wear on your big day.

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MUA -Frances Moore Photography Ikonworks


3 top tips for the best wedding beauty regime by Frances

It seems to be a cliché to mention water when referring to any sort of beauty or health regime – but nevertheless, this tonic is the key to banishing skin dullness and keeping blemishes at bay. So should be taken regularly as soon as you start wedding planning to get the full health benefit, it will also keep you more alert and help combat stress levels which is a real bonus!

You don’t have to be a dermatologist to know the sun is harmful, and wearing an SPF should be top of your priority if going outside. Having a ‘tan’, or turning red is the skins reaction to a burn, which is what the sun is doing to your delicate skin – so try and consider this next time. Unfortunately, if you do burn until the skin is red, or peeling there is little makeup we can apply to cover this, as the heat of the skin will simply ‘melt’ it away.

It’s a common myth that if you have oily skin you don’t need to moisturize. This is simply not true. It doesn’t matter what skin type you have – be it dry, sensitive or combination skin you need to moisturize regularly, and don’t be afraid to use a lot. I often see clients who just use the tiniest amount, and wonder why their skin is so dry. You just need to use a bit more than one small fingers worth!

MUA – Frances Moore Photography – Ikonworks

Step by step – Create the cover look!

This makeup design had to be all about the eyes, to make the model (Sophie) stare out of the front cover and catch your attention. I created a really soft eye using different shades of brown in the crease combing MAC’s Omega, Wedge and Charcoal Brown eyeshadows. I then highlighted the middle of the eye using MAC shadow in Nylon. To finish I then swept a little MAC Quarry shadow along the upper lid to give a subtle pinky, purple feel. Finishing the eyes with a sweep of liner, mascara and false eyelashes.

For her complexion, I wanted a very simple base – keeping it flawless with Yves Saint Laurent touche eclat foundation and Clinique Airbrush concealer. I then concentrated on the blusher using Rosie for Autograph in English Rose Flush and sweeping that blush from the top of the cheekbone right down into the mouth.

For the lips, A MAC lipstick in Rebel, with a brushing of Rosie for Autograph in Lady Rose. Glazed with MAC Dazzleglass in Funtabulous!

About Frances

Frances is a professionally trained Makeup Artist based in the South of England. “I bloomin’ love my job! Being asked to be a part of someone’s wedding day is truly special – it’s a position of trust and one which I fully respect.  I’m inspired by many beautiful things: vintage elegance, classic & innovative design, Parisian & Italian beauty

I’m often asked what made me want to become a makeup artist and to be involved in the industry. For me, it all stems from my time at college gaining A Levels in Fine Art and Life Drawing – something which has been essential in perfecting life-like skin colour (ideal for colour match foundation). Makeup artistry has always felt like a natural extension of this creativity.


Frances Moore MUA

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