We take five minutes with Pippa Middleton’s British wedding shoe designer – Aruna Seth…

Aruna-Seth-herselfEvery day at Aruna Seth HQ is completely different.

One day I’ll be sat at my desk sketching designs, or I could be in the stock-room tidying the shoe boxes, flying to New York to meet some journalists or sitting down with the Aruna Seth team to chat about ideas.

You never know what is going to happen, we might receive a last minute call-in from a celebrity. If it’s a good celebrity like Kate Hudson I’ll pop off to do a shoe fitting personally.

I’ve been so excited over the past few years because a few celebrities have been spotted on the Red Carpets in my designs such as Rachel Bilson, Katherine Heigl. I had the best feeling spotting Pippa Middleton on the day of the Royal Wedding wearing Lynn Silver heels.

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I recently went to Capri for the first holiday I’ve taken for years and ended up working.

I was mesmerised by the Capri Sandal company out there, you can walk-in and have shoes personally made for you, hand-picking your soles, Swarovski crystals and the design.

It was great to watch and I picked up some new tips for dealing with our factory in Italy.  I fly out to Italy every month or so to check the shoes are in production and to check the quality.

Our shoes are high in quality and I like to make sure the materials used are of utmost quality such, the satins are thick-cut satins from Italy and our ribbon is the best Grosgrain from Brazil.

2013 trends

My trends for 2013 is that brides will like even more sparkly shoes, shine and glitter is getting more and more popular.

Brides in the US tend to be more adventurous when it comes to shoes, they’ll experiment with colours and wear something different.  We’re finding more brides in the UK are catching on to the fun idea of having less traditional bridal shoes and using a flash of colour on the wedding day. Our range of blue butterfly shoes are popular for something blue.

We’ve also just had in an amazing new shoe called Beatrice, it’s an Aruna Seth court shoes surrounded with Swarovski crystals, it’s certainly a Princess shoe!

Are you wearing Aruna Seth on your big day?

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