Flowers may be an essential wedding detail but your wedding flowers don’t have to be real to make a big impact. Artificial wedding flowers also mean that you can keep your bouquet, buttonholes and posies forever.

artificial wedding flowers for weddings abroad

Artificial Wedding Flowers: The Ultimate Guide

Even the least green-fingered of brides can discover a penchant for florals as they work with their florist to create their bouquets and centrepieces with artificial wedding flowers.

While it’s pretty tough to beat the fragrance of fresh flowers, choosing faux flowers does bring many benefits. From budget to dates to décor, here are some pretty convincing  reasons why you should to choose artificial flowers for your wedding…

Seasons change, but artificial wedding flowers don’t

If you’ve been dreaming of a blush bouquet of barely open peonies but set the date for September, your first thought will be disappointment. Do you really have to give up one dream in favour of another?

Use artificial wedding flowers and you don’t have to. Choose from high quality suppliers for realistic replicas for all of your favourites – whether that’s ranunculus, delphiniums or prized peonies – and you can carry bouquets, wear buttonholes or choose table centres with any blooms at any time of year, allowing you to have your day as you dreamed it while also taking advantage of off-peak dates if you wish.

You can arrange them ahead of time

When you’ve got a venue to set up and decorate as well as getting ready on your wedding morning, we’d forgive you for feeling just a little bit preoccupied. Give yourself the relaxing morning you deserve by planning and setting up in advance.

That’s the beauty of working with artificial flowers – you needn’t worry. Not about them wilting in the warmth of your marquee or the flowers fading and crumpling or even how you’ll find the time to arrange them.

They can all be arranged into vases and vessels weeks in advance, making the final few days before the big one much more blissful.

They can become mementos of your day

If you choose a fresh flower bouquet and want to keep it after the wedding, you’ll encounter the challenge of preserving the petals and flower heads perfectly. This challenge is only compounded by the fact that you’ll probably be jetting off on honeymoon soon, so there’s very little time to get these kinds of tasks done.

With an artificial bouquet, though, you can simply wrap them in protective paper and stow them in a box, forming a lasting memento of your perfect day without half of the fuss.

They make a lasting gift to the bridal party

You might have heard of couples gifting their floral centrepieces to family, friends or perhaps members of the bridal party as thank you gifts. It’s a lovely touch, and with artificial wedding flowers, the present will last so much longer.

Artificial Wedding Flowers: The Ultimate Guide

Your budget can go further

In general, purchasing faux flowers usually works out cheaper than buying them fresh from a florist. This means that for some couples, going faux can facilitate far more in the way of flower walls, garlands and canopies, and standout table centres, making all the difference to their overall reception décor.

This comes with a caveat though, because nowhere more so than artificial flowers is it important to pay a little more for quality. You get what you pay for, so if you want true-to-life blooms that your guests will struggle to tell aren’t real, then it’s worth going for the more expensive options for artificial flowers.

They can be mixed and matched with fresh flowers

Including artificial flowers needn’t stop you from using any fresh flowers; they’re not mutually exclusive. Some of the most creative of couples and florists will work with a selection of both, most of them doing so to prevent seasonality from limiting flower choices.

Faux flowers aren’t always exactly as you imagine, either. Paper, silk and other artisan flower choices won’t always be cheaper than using the real thing, given the time and craftsmanship involved in producing them. If you ask us, though, their delicacy and beauty is well worth the investment.

Artificial Wedding Flowers Inspiration

But don’t take our word for it… Let’s hear from two real brides on why they chose artificial wedding flowers from Silk Blooms for their big day…

Artificial Wedding Flowers: The Ultimate Guide

Sian tied the knot with Rhys back in 2011 at St Donat’s Castle in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Sian told us: “I don’t think I considered the advantages of having Silk Blooms over other flowers until I had bought them,

“There are the obvious reasons… That they will not die, and will preserve happy memories for many years. There’s also the fact that nothing ever works out exactly as you planned.”

Artificial Wedding Flowers: The Ultimate Guide

“10 days before the big day, I was contacted by the bridal shop whom I had ordered my dress from to tell me that the dress was not going to be made in time for my wedding.

“I’d picked out specific colours for the bouquet to complement the dress which was a honey-pink colour. You can imagine my mood!

“I was recommended a bridal shop who had just had sample dresses delivered and I was able to bring my newly delivered bouquet with me to make sure the dress and flowers matched , which was a huge plus point.”

Artificial Wedding Flowers: The Ultimate Guide

“The ladies in the bridal shop were impressed by the spray and recommended a flower headpiece to go with the outfit, too!

“Regarding the buttonholes, the corsages were a huge hit with my mother and mother-in-law as they were fastened with strong magnets and not safety pins.

“My husband and his friends have also reused our buttonholes at other weddings since our own big day. ”

Artificial Wedding Flowers: The Ultimate Guide

“I think everyone who took hold of the bouquet(s) were surprised that they were artificial.

“My photographer was concerned that I hadn’t placed them in water when she arrived at our hotel and my Dad was worried that the lily pollen may stain my dress!”

“My bouquet is now hanging proudly in my newborn daughter’s nursery and will feature in my home decor for some time!

“It’s a lovely reminder of our day and the style will stay in fashion for a good while I believe.”

Artificial Flowers for Weddings Abroad

Many brides choose artificial flowers if they’re getting married abroad as a way to beat the heat, which is exactly what real bride Jo did.

She got married in May 2013 in Granada in Spain and chose a bright and beautiful wedding theme for her day.

Artificial Wedding Flowers: The Ultimate Guide

Jo told us: “We chose Silk Blooms because they can make anything you want a reality, no matter the season, no matter the style,

“We knew getting married abroad would present challenges in terms of flower availability, style and value for money.”

Artificial Wedding Flowers: The Ultimate Guide wedding abroad

“We did actually visit a local florist in Granada but were quite limited in choice. After that we knew that Silk Blooms would deliver exactly what we wanted, at an incredible price with the guarantee of excellent customer service.

“From the moment we first made contact with Silk Blooms, Mara was more than hospitable and very enthusiastic about our flower ideas. She made everything easy and achievable; there was no doubt in our minds that Silk Blooms was the right choice for us.”

Artificial Wedding Flowers: The Ultimate Guide

“No one could believe the flowers weren’t real! We actually had to tell guests when they commented on them – and we received an abundance of comments!

“People loved the colour and style and so many people said that the vibrancy of the bouquets against the bridesmaids’ dresses was exquisite.

“We even got asked to pass on Silk Blooms contact details by another couple due to get married the following August!”

Artificial Wedding Flowers: The Ultimate Guide

“The bridesmaid bouquets were taken home and displayed in each of the girls’ houses. We had one going spare (sadly one of the bridesmaids couldn’t make the big day) so that took pride of place on a display unit in our home.

Artificial Wedding Flowers: The Ultimate Guide

“So many people have commented on it and even remarked on how they remembered them from the wedding day – truly amazing.”

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