Designers are creating more and more bridal hair accessories that aren’t tiaras; hairbands, headpieces, brooches, clips, flowers, flower garlands. Are wedding tiaras becoming outdated?


Do today’s brides prefer a simpler approach for their hair pieces for their big day?  Wedding tiaras are often associated with royalty, children’s fancy dress boxes or beauty pageants so it’s no wonder that brides are now given such a range to choose from to wear on their big day. Brides want to be themselves on their wedding day, and big, sparkly and ‘princessy’ tiaras aren’t for everyone.

A fashion fad or long standing tradition?

Even though they will probably make an appearance on top of a veil in a lot of people’s portrayal of a traditional bride, wedding tiaras aren’t a necessity to every bride. The white dress tends to be enough of a statement as it is to the modern-day bride, which is probably why designers are creating more simplistic and understated options for brides to put in their hair. Seeing as the jeans and t-shirts combo is a very popular outfit choice for British women, going all out on your wedding day may not be something you’re interested in because you want to be yourself, not the stereotypical dream bride younger girls wanted to be.

But maybe looking like royalty is something you want for your big day. Your wedding is the one day of your life where you can wear a big, puffy white dress without even the slightest of judgement from anyone else, so why not top it off with a shiny tiara to complete the look if it’s what you want. Of course, you don’t have to only be the princess-bride type to wear a tiara – maybe you will compensate with a more simplistic dress. It’s your wedding day, so you should make the choices. Besides, with the recent royal wedding, we saw Kate Middleton wearing a tiara, and we all know that she isn’t one to fault in her fashion.

So are tiaras outdated, has the design just developed and evolved or are they just temporarily out of fashion?

What do you think?

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