Are These Budget Wedding Ideas A Step Too Far?

How far would you go to cut the cost of your wedding day? Take a look at these budget wedding ideas. Which ones do you think are a step too far in a bid to slash your wedding spend?

In the constant quest to cut costs, more and more couples are asking their wedding guests to pay towards the day. And that might not just be in cash – modern brides are asking guests to bring their own dishes, to contribute towards the honeymoon and to chip in for the entertainment…

Other money-saving tactics for a budget wedding include providing the bubbly for the top table only, and having artificial tiers on the wedding cake to get the grand look without spending a fortune.


Hen parties are increasingly ditching the L-plates and the vodka shots for civilised craft-making activities. More and more bridal parties can be found making bunting, baking favours and more – all to help the bride save a pretty penny.


Set the tech tone by sending out your invitations via Paperless Post, a website that enables you to easily send online invitations. Not only is this a super budget-savvy way to invite your guests, it will also make your wedding admin super easy too with guests typically being a lot better at RSVP-ing to emails rather than post! You may have to weigh up how many of your guests are computer-savvy to begin with though… if a group of your guests don’t own a computer or aren’t very technologically-minded, this idea probably won’t help you cut corners.

How far do you think is acceptable to go to cut costs on your wedding day? Is it fair to make your guests pay towards it?


  1. I would never ever ask a guest to pay towards our day. I think some people loose sight of why they are getting married and try to make it a grand affair. Only have what you can afford xx

  2. Each to their own, but we wont be asking for money, it costs enough to attend a wedding, and I hate to be asked for cash. Some things are better left unsaid. I know a couple asked for nothing and got loads of gifts and money because they were so well thought of. Plan what you can afford and dont try to get the costs back after 🙂 id hate to know the bride who returned gifts for cash 😮

  3. we are getting married while on hoilday and we are getting our guests to pay for there own food and drink, its just something we can not budget for!


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