Sporting a new hairdo, Hollywood star Anne Hathaway dazzles The Dark Knight Rises in a rather bridal getup!

anne-hathaway-dazzles-premire-the-dark-knight-risesThe Prable Gurung dress was an interesting choice of outfit for Catwoman, but we’re not complaining! With the angelic, floaty floor-length gown, Anne Hathaway looked absolutely stunning, while being bang on trend with the subtle peplum waist.

A rather iconic dress to match her recent iconic hairstyle. The pixie haircut was not an immediate love for the actress, after getting it cut for her role in Les Miserables but after upstaging absolutely everyone at the premiere, I’m sure you’ll agree when we say she has nothing to worry about. There is no faulting the beautiful Miss Hathaway.

Could you see yourself wearing a dress like this down the aisle? We would love to know!


    • I’d love her boobs as well Claire-they look great in that dress. she’s got the perfect face shape for short hair too.


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