According to a new survey, Brits’ love affair is with their pets rather than their partners! 50% of UK pet owners have included their pet in their wedding day, from wedding guest to ring bearer or best man, with 40% even taking their pet on honeymoon…

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The research by Pawshake – the new website and app service that allows pet owners to find trusted pet sitters – reveals that half (50%) of UK pet owners have included their pet in their wedding day.

When it comes to honeymooning – an important part of any marriage experience – it seems three is not a crowd, with 40% of British pet owners admitting they had taken their pet with them on the most special holiday of their lives. What’s more, 60% of pet owners would consider cancelling their honeymoon if they couldn’t find reliable pet care, revealing just how difficult we find it being parted from our furry loved ones who’ve become integral to family life – particularly if we’re concerned for their welfare while we’re away.

The survey also found that 9 in 10 animal lovers (90%) made sure that booking a pet sitter was an important part of their ‘wedmin’ to-do list, emphasising how much today’s loved-up couples value their cuddly companions.


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Now there is a stress-free solution for all pet owning newlyweds looking to jet off on honeymoon. Pawshake brings pet owners and vetted pet sitters together so owners can find the best solution for their beloved pet. Rather than having to cancel a honeymoon or worrying about what do with their pet, Pawshake ensures that animal-loving Brits can find a responsible, loving and trusted sitter to look after their furry friend in either a home-from-home environment or at the owner’s house.

Pawshake co-founder Tanguy Peers said: “Pets are becoming more and more part of the family, so it’s not surprising to see that we are now involving them in one of the most important days of our lives – our wedding. We’re passionate about pets at Pawshake so we love to hear stories of pets being chosen as a ring bearer or even part of the wedding party!”

“It’s a shame that some newlyweds feel stressed about leaving their pet behind when it comes to their honeymoon – so much so that they’d consider cancelling the most special holiday of their lives if they couldn’t find the right pet care.”

“Thankfully it doesn’t have to be this way. Pawshake allows pet owners to find and book loving, vetted and insured sitters in their local area that will treat their pet like part of their family. We also encourage our community to use the ‘meet and greet’ service so the pet and pet sitter can bond and leave the owner feeling happy and secure about their pet while they are on honeymoon.”

  • Pawshake brings pet-lovers together through its online community
  • Pawshake focuses on the wellbeing of all pets
  • Pawshake brings local communities closer together
  • Pawshake alleviates the hassle of finding a trusted pet sitter for pet owners
  • Pawshake enables pet sitters to make some extra income and set their own rates

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