Italian HoneymoonMary and Giles tied the knot in Tuscany on 4th June 2009 and stayed in Italy for their honeymoon, this is their account of their gorgeous stay away together…


We took a trip around the beautiful Italia!


We actually got married in Italy because we adore the culture, food and the scenery. All of our friends and family accompanied us to a little town of Cortona in the Tuscan hills and watched us make our vows in the cathedral there.

We stayed in a five-star villa with our close relatives for the week before the wedding and after they flew home, we started our descent through the country to the sunny south!

Italian Honeymoon 2

What did you do?


A romantic road trip through Italy, taking in Tuscany, Rome, Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii, Positano on the Almafi Coast and Ischia. We stayed in local towns along the way and the five-star Spa Resort Mezzatore in Ischia.

Most romantic moment?

Sitting in an open air bar in Positano at midnight during a local festival. The beach had been transformed into a fairground for the children, there was a live band playing, all the locals were out in their best clothes! Then the most wonderful display of fireworks were let off in the middle of the sea, lighting the night sky…

Italian Honeymoon 3

It’s great for honeymooners because…

The people, places and food – everything about the place is just amazing.


Why choose SendUsPacking?

We knew what we wanted to do but needed a way to manage contributions. Send Us Packing gave us the freedom to manage the fund ourselves and gave our guests an easy way to contribute to our trip. We could upload our own pictures and text, too, to create a list that was really personal to us.


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