Top wedding photographer Ginny Marsh has just released these gorgeous Great Gatsby-inspired pictures from her latest styled shoot. We spent five minutes with her to find out more about her inspirations and why she chose this top 2014 wedding theme as her latest subject…


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your style of photography?

I’m a photographer from Farnham in Surrey, specialising in weddings, fashion and boudoir. I completed a degree in Commercial Photography at the Arts University in Bournemouth, which is where I developed my love of fashion photography, and was trained up in weddings and portraiture at the same time by an award-winning photography studio in Farnham. Four years later I now own my own company doing what I love best!

What was your inspiration for this shoot?

I was initially inspired by old Hollywood glamour including classic fashion photographers such as Richard Avedon and Cecil Beaton. I also have a secret love of 1950’s Rockabilly so I decided to throw some of that into the mix, still keeping with the Vintage Glamour theme.

Why did you decide on these decades as your theme?

I knew I definitely wanted to have a 1930’s style because the women were just so elegant and glamorous, and the men were suave, sophisticated and charming.  I also love 1950s-inspired dresses and the slightly more fun and relaxed feel, plus Madeline Isaac-James had some perfect dresses to go with both decades.

How long do you think the Great Gatsby wedding style will be around for?

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Wedding trends come and go, but I think the vintage style in general is here to stay for longer, and the fabulous attire and Art Deco from the Great Gatsby period has been made even more appealing by the movie that recently came out. I think it’s something that not many people have tried in more recent times, and is therefore different and exciting. I actually decided I wanted to have a 30’s style before I even knew about The Great Gatsby movie, though, it just came along at the right time!


What type of wedding dresses would you suggest for a vintage-styled wedding?

Definitely think elegant and glamorous. Try long slinky dresses with fur shrugs. I would have liked to have used lace with my 50’s dress, and think it can be just as elegant and glamorous, but with a different shape to it.

How should a man dress for a vintage-styled wedding?

I turned to Stephen Bishop for the suits for my shoot as he is the pro when it comes to dressing men for the big day! I think now people are adopting a more modern-vintage style when it comes to suits, and are really simplifying it rather than the typical Morning Suit, but both are still really popular. Grooms are having more fun with buttonholes too, just as we’ve done in this shoot.

How to get the look…

GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0001 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0028 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0037 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0100 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0117 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0118 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0123 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0124 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0125 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0153 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0174 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0202 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0211 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0226 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0246 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0268 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0283 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0313 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0359 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0383r GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0438 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0468 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0498 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0526 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0584 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0588 GinnyMarsh_VintageGlam-0602

List of suppliers

  • Photographer: Ginny Marsh Photography
  • Assisting photographers: Natasha Davies and Carol Bolton
  • Wedding Venue: Farnham Castle, Surrey
  • Models: Rachel Marquez and Erick Hayden
  • Dresses: Madeline Isaac-James from No.10 Bridal
  • Suits: Stephen Bishop Suiting
  • Flowers: Blush Floral Design
  • Jewellery and accessories: Bella Rox
  • Cake: Yve’s Cakes
  • Chairs: LK Luxury Chair Covers
  • Hair and Makeup: Natasha Wiggins and Catherine
  • Stationery: Heritage Stationery
  • Nails and skincare: Lily Marie