Once you’re married and past the honeymoon phase, it may be a good idea to create a marriage bucket list with your partner to keep the flame alive. It’s great fun to do, and it’s also something to look forward to after the chaos of wedding planning is over! Cleo Greaves reveals some epic ideas to complete…

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First date memories

Go back to the same place your romance first kindled, even wear the same outfits to get really nostalgic! You may even find yourself getting first date nerves all over again.

Pretty picnics

Whether you decide to go in the middle of the day, at sunrise or sunset, spending quality time together will help keep the spark alive in your marriage. Plus, there’s nothing better than a picnic with prosecco!

First kiss wonders

You’ve visited the place where you had your first date, now revisit the place you had your first kiss. Whether that was an awkward, nervous peck outside a restaurant or in the cinema when he put his arm around you for the first time, the feeling will set off the butterflies in your stomach like it’s that special moment all over again.

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Music time

If you and your partner share the same music taste and both enjoy a particular band, seeing them together will strengthen your bond, and it’ll be a completely unique experience for the both of you.

Get in shape together

It’s always a great idea to get regular exercise, and doing it with your partner means neither of you will slack and you’ll be able to push each other to achieve your goals. Couples who get fit together, stick together.

Movie marathons

Have a day where you stay in bed together, put Netflix on and watch movies all day; in other words, a day of complete and total relaxation with each other.

Time to travel

This isn’t just visiting a country on a week holiday. This could be a country you’ve both always wanted to explore, take a month out and travel around this country; stay in hostels, live like a local, but most importantly do it together.

Keep a journal

Sending each other love letters and keeping them in a journal is super romantic. These don’t necessarily have to be handwritten letters to each other but a journal of Facebook messages, e-mails or text messages that you’ve collected since you’ve been together. It’s always nice to read while your partner is away or if you’re feeling nostalgic.

Create your dream house

This isn’t something that you will be able to tick off straight away, it’ll take time to save up for everything but will be worth it once finished.

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Conquer your biggest fears

If your biggest fear is heights or even if it’s holding a spider, having your partner help conquer your fears will create an inseparably strong bond and also will build trust between one another.

Camping trip fun

Take a couple of days away together, enjoy the wilderness and the great outdoors. Being in each other’s company in a beautiful location will be a trip to remember forever.

Get a pet

Get a cat, a dog or a fish… Maybe not all at once but having this furry friend could be a perfect start to your family.


Go to a festival together

If you’re both music lovers, a festival is the best place to get to know each other’s music taste properly. You can both discover new music and create memories that you could one day be telling your grandchildren. And who doesn’t love a festival?

Date nights

Having one or two date nights every month means that you can both take an evening out of your undoubtedly busy schedule and embrace each other’s company for a few hours. It also gives you the chance to dress up if you want to!

Go on separate holidays

While it may be easy to start doing everything together, it’s always a good idea to spend some time with your friends. Go on holiday with them and don’t let marriage take over your life. Plus, absence makes the heart grow fonder!

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Still a bride planning the most important day of your life? Then first you need to complete the ultimate bridal bucket list!


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