Once you’re married and past the honeymoon phase, you may miss all the planning. We’ve pulled together the ultimate marriage bucket list to get you planning some fun excursions together.

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Wedding Ideas Marriage Bucket List

Discover Somewhere New

Firstly, there’s nothing like a little adventure between couples. Why not start your bucket list with the promise of adventure? Try to discover somewhere new each year and build a lifetime of memories.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Go back to the places you have the best memories. Spark nostalgia and relive some of your best times so far.

Learn Something New

Whether it’s an instrument, a new language or something more physical like rock climbing, try learning a new skill together. If you thrive off competition or need moral support, the learning process will be better together.

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Visit a Show

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Introduce some culture into your marriage. If you love music or West End shows, go see someone or something you’ve never seen before.

Get in Shape Together

It’s always a great idea to get regular exercise, and doing it with your partner also means neither of you will slack (hopefully). You’ll be able to really push each other to achieve your goals. Plus, couples who get fit together, stick together, right?

Indoor Fort

We’d say Netflix and chill but you’re way past those days. Build a fort, make it cosy and cute with all the right snacks. Some days just switching off and binging of good movies is what the soul needs. 

Go on Safari

Unleash the David Attenborough in you. See nature at its very best, search for the Big Five and really explore the open grasslands. Safaris are nothing short of amazing and taking this adventure together will only be even more special.

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Keep a Journal

It’s cheesy, yes, but it’s like a time capsule. You can detail what you did each month or even your highlights from each year.  It can be letters, Facebook messages, e-mails or text messages that you’ve collected since you’ve been together. Plus, you’ll definitely enjoy reading back over them in the future too.

Create Your Dream House

This isn’t something that you will be able to tick off straight away, it’ll take time to save up but will be worth it. Building or buying your dream family home is definitely a winning bucket list item.

Conquer Your Fears

If your biggest fear is heights or even if it’s holding a spider, having your partner help conquer your fears will be a huge achievement. An easy bucket list contender.

Camping Trip

Nothing will test your patience more than trying to pitch a tent with poles together. If you don’t want to put any strain on your relationship then we’d recommend you go for a throw-up one. A camping trip is a nice escape for you both to really enjoy the outdoors. You could also ditch the phones and go off-grid if you feel so inclined.

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Get a pet

Own a pet together. We’re not saying go all our and own a dog, you can start small with a goldfish to test the water first – excuse the pun.

Go to a Festival

Never underestimate the power of music. Combined with large, cheerful crowds, booze and good food, you’re bound to have a good time. Festivals are great value for money and you can see multiple acts so there’s bound to be something for both of you.

Date Nights

Having one or two date nights every month means that you can both take an evening out of your undoubtedly busy schedule and embrace each other’s company for a few hours. It also gives you the chance to dress up if you want to.

Go on Separate Holidays

Finally, while it may be easy to start doing everything together, you still need to make time for your friends. Go away with your pals and enjoy your time apart. Plus, they do say distance makes the heart grow fonder.

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