We hadn’t ever thought or even heard about an engagement shoot before our wedding photographer suggested it.

an-engagement-shoot-and-why-theyre-great-jess-browns-blog-part-6To be honest me and my fiancé Jimmy don’t really like having our photo taken, so the thought of having to do it twice, once on the big day and once purely just for fun, sounded like hard work. However, hind sight is a marvellous thing.

We really enjoyed our engagement shoot and would recommend all soon-to-be married couples having one. It was the perfect way to get to know our photographer, to try out a few different styles and see what stuff we liked and what we didn’t. More importantly it made us feel a lot more confident and comfortable in front of the camera.

We picked Spitalfields and Brick Lane in east London as our shoot location. Both areas ooze old world charm with a cool, urban vibe. The perfect mix for what we wanted. We stumbled across beautiful doorways, old fashioned advertisements, striking 18th century town houses, vintage sweet shops and mountains of street art.

If like us you’re not sure whether a E-shoot would benefit you here’s our top ten reasons to get involved. Take a look at our gallery below!

Ten reasons to push the boat out and have an engagement shoot.

  1. How many opportunities do you have in life for have a professional photographer to follow you around and capture special moments?
  2. It’s the perfect way to get to know your photographer before the big day and break the ice in a friendly way
  3. It’s a good test to see what you look like on camera, in a formal photo shoot situation. If you suddenly realise you hate your ankles or serious face you can steer away from these on the day
  4. You can have a practice posing, especially if you’re camera shy
  5. Helps you understand how to take directions from your photographer
  6. You can use one of the E-shoot photos as a message board at your wedding – something different from the standard message book or wishing tree
  7. The build up to the wedding is often overlooked by the actual big day, so this is the perfect way to gather memories of all the planning process
  8. Opens your mind to photography ideas and possibilities for your wedding photos
  9. It’ll make you feel more relaxed and confident the second time round on the most important day
  10. It’s really good fun, there’s no pressure like on the actual wedding day so you can really enjoy yourself


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