Inspired by a trip to San Diego, Amy and Thea created a coastal wedding theme full of food, fun and lots of colour.


How they met

Amy and Thea first met on the steps of Monument in Newcastle upon Tyne, where they lived at the time. “It was a beautifully hot day, so we decided to go for a drink in a rooftop bar, which led to sushi, which led to more drinks, and then a walk,” say Thea. “What was meant to be a quick drink after work lasted eight  hours – we felt so comfortable together.”

The proposal

Having dropped lots of hints that she was about to propose, Amy then threw her bride-to-be off the scent with a whole day of hoax proposals, which included giving Thea a dinosaur brooch, a pair of earrings and a sweetie ring! “I finally proposed by reading her a poem I had written, and giving her the real ring, which I had bought with inheritance from my grandmother,” Amy recalls. “We celebrated by drinking champagne, and had a dance and a cry.”

Amy’s outfit

When they announced their engagement, Amy and Thea’s friends were all keen to know who would be ‘wearing the dress’ on their wedding day. “But although we’re different shapes and sizes, we both love dresses and knew exactly what sort of thing we wanted,” Amy says. Amy chose a full-length lace gown from Phase Eight, and teamed it with a watch inherited from her great aunt, and a locked containing a photo of her dad wrapped around her bouquet. “He passed away when I was 18, so it was my way of having him walk me down the aisle,” Amy explains.

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Thea’s outfit

Thea envisaged herself in something fun, that was easy to move around in but still had beautiful details. She met her match in the ‘Pearly Queen’ dress from Kitty & Dulcie, a knee–length prom dress with a sequin and beaded lace bodice and a full tulle skirt. The brides accessorised their contrasting outfits with matching anchor and ship’s wheel earrings, a nod to their lighthouse wedding venue. T&A163

The ceremony

Amy and Thea tied the knot in a civil ceremony in St Mary’s Lighthouse in North Shields, with its beautiful views overlooking the rocky coastline. “Our ceremony was very personal to us, and every moment was wonderful,” smiles Amy. “When we got engaged, we thought we would have a civil partnership, so to be legally married felt wonderful. The most memorable part was when, midway through the ceremony, Thea announced that she had just spotted some seals through the window.”

The flowers

The couple’s bold and beautiful bouquets were a last–minute purchase, but still managed to turn heads. “We were planning on making our own bouquets, but then Thea got a new job, which meant that we were packing up our house and getting ready to move 400 miles right after the wedding,” Amy explains. “We realised that doing our own flowers would be too much, but luckily we found the wonderful Cosmic Flower Shop, who produced the most beautiful bouquets we had ever seen.” T&A67

The reception

The newlyweds held their reception at Tynemouth Sailing club where their guests dined on paella with salad and fresh bread. The entertainment included a DIY cocktail bar, popcorn and candyfloss from Love is Sweet, and one of their favourite DJs from Funky Butt Club playing Latin, funk, soul and old skool classics. T&A261

The details

Amy & Thea’s reception theme was a riot of colour, inspired by a trip to San Diego. “We loved the Mexican fusion culture, the bright colours, fresh food and sense of fun, and we decided to recreate the vibe of the Old Town,” explains Thea. The details included mini piñatas as table centres, hand–painted table runners, colourful pinwheels and cacti and succulents from Ikea. T&A418

The cake

Instead of a traditional cake, following the wedding breakfast, the couple handed out delicious ice cream cupcakes from their favourite bakery, Pet Lamb Patisserie. T&A451

The honeymoon

With a major house move on the horizon, Amy and Thea enjoyed a whirlwind honeymoon in Portugal, and are planning a longer trip to Vietnam and Cambodia when they’ve settled.

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