The real brides at have had every sort of reception under the sun, so they asked four very different brides about their incredible wedding themes. Read on for each bride’s tips on how they created the look for their big day – it really is all in the details!


Lynn and Simon’s earth-friendly wedding

Lynn and Simon’s wedding reception was held at River Cottage and was a simple celebration full of natural beauty. They choose a traditional rustic country wedding look, with countryside-inspired flowers and beautiful bunting.


“Our wedding had an earth-friendly theme, with the bridesmaids wearing earthy colours,” says Lynn. “We arrived at the reception in horse-drawn carriages. All the food was wild themed – we decided to serve only sustainable and local food. Even the cake was a cheese wedding cake made from local produce!”

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Claire and Loyd’s handmade wedding

Claire and Lloyd’s wedding reception was more traditional and formal in its look, compete with candelabras on each table. What made it extra special was that Claire had created much of the décor herself, from the table settings and venue decorations to the amazing edible favours each guest got to take home and enjoy.


“Our wedding was unique because I handmade a lot of the wedding decorations, including the place settings, table names, 85 metres of bunting and the favours which were jars of chutney!” says Claire. “It was nice to give the day a personal touch and seeing everything we had worked so hard on come together.”

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Josie & Nick’s glamping picnic wedding

Everything about Josie and Nick’s style says ‘alternative’, so they were never going to have a formal white wedding! Cool and casual, they invited their guests to a ‘glamping’ (that’s glamorous camping if you didn’t already know) picnic and tea party complete with cream teas for an outdoor wedding reception quite unlike any other.


“Our wedding theme was a glamping picnic wedding-fest, with a bit of vintage and maybe a touch of lovecraft-y steampunkness too!” says Josie. “My best advice to other brides would be: don’t hesitate to ask anyone and everyone for help with anything you need. You’ll save yourself hours of work, and the people you ask will be delighted!”

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Kerrie and Carl’s Alice in Wonderland wedding

Kerrie and Carl took their inspiration from literature and planned their wedding reception around the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party from the book Alice in Wonderland. They went to great lengths to create the look that wowed their guests and still looks impressive in their photos today.


“Our Alice in Wonderland wedding theme certainly stood out,” says Kerrie. “It was all in the details, from the ‘Drink me/Eat me’ favours on the tables, illustrated playing cards, White Rabbit cufflinks, the life-sized props of the White Rabbit, card men painting the roses, the Caterpillar on his toadstool, the grinning Cheshire Cat to the Alice in Wonderland croquet on the lawn!”

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