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Online Gift Lists Are on the Rise… Here’s Why!

It’s high time old fashioned wedding gift lists stepped aside for a new way of thinking. Limited flexibility and the shift in couples buying houses pre-wedding too often ends with an exhausted registry list and multiples of gifts that suddenly aren’t needed anymore.

Instead an online gift list, where gifted cash is put in the pot for the couple to spend as they please, definitely has the edge…


Alternative Gift List's Are on the Rise...Here's Why!

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No more unused gifts

It’s hard to believe you’ve both made it this far without making toast for yourselves, or that you’ve been eating off the kitchen counter because you don’t have any plates. You’re both adults, the basics are sorted out, use your wedding as a chance to get something you’re actually excited about.

Unrivalled flexibility and choice


It’s tempting to think a department store gift list is a catch-all solution, and we can see why, but they lose out to online lists every time when it comes to flexibility.  Not only can you use an online list to get everything you need from the big stores (remove shop names) you can peel off some of the budget for anything else you want, whether it’s a holiday or a television.

No hassle for your guests

Part of the fun of planning your gift list is assembling a carefully curated list of gifts for your idyllic newlywed home, and that’s still part of the online gift list – your guests just aren’t under pressure to buy individual items.

Every budget is catered for

Alternative Gift List's Are on the Rise...Here's Why!

Not all of your family and friends are in the same income bracket, and a flexible online gift list lets them make a contribution without feeling insecure. Because they all contribute to a central pot of cash you use to pay for the items you want, no one feels like they’re grandstanding by giving a bit more, or letting you down by gifting within their means.

Consider a charity

Stepping away from gifts, if you really don’t want anything from your guests but they keep pestering you about whether you’d prefer a bread-maker or a blender, an online gift list can even be set up to just take contributions to worthy causes of your choice.



An online gift list is easy for your guests to use, all they have to do is make a payment they’re comfortable with. And for the happy couple, you’re not under any pressure to have the final draft of your list in place before the wedding, and you can change your mind whenever you like.

Gift2us is the most flexible online wedding gift list. We’re free to set up, free to use, and free for your guests. Cash gifted by your loved ones can be spent in an unrivalled selection of places, from premier department stores to dream holidays – the choice is entirely yours!