Confetti toss
Credit: Shropshire Petals

Everyone loves a confetti shot! Here’s how to make your confetti photographs a little different to the norm…

What’s not to love about a confetti photographs – a dreamy romantic moment where friends and family shower a newly married couple with thousands of tiny little petals. But, if you want to capture something a little different on your big day, natural petal confetti growers Shropshire Petals share five of its fun shots to break from the traditional.

  1. Bang goes the confetti

There are more ways have a confetti shower than just throwing it into the air! Confetti Cannons are fun and exciting to use – set up a group shot with the bridal party and twist a few Confetti Cannons for a huge blast of beautiful natural petal confetti.  The larger cannons can fire up to 10 metres and as natural petal confetti is small and light, it will flutter down gently for longer, giving your photographer plenty of time to capture some fantastic photographs. After the initial blast, have fun and be silly in the falling petals for a spectacular confetti moment.

  1. Props and people

The confetti moment doesn’t have to be just for the newly married couple.  Add some of your own personality and style by including props and photo frames for some unique confetti shots. You can order enough confetti to have several group shots to include different members of the bridal party and your guests. Why not supply confetti alongside a photo booth and see how creative your guests can be!

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  1. Just you two

A lot of couples like to take some time away from their guests to be together, it is after all your special day and the celebration of you becoming a married couple.  Arrange with your photographer to include an intimate confetti moment with just you two.  We love a cute photograph of the happy couple blowing their chosen confetti towards the camera, what would you do in your intimate confetti moment?

  1. Get the little ones involved

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Nothing is cuter than the little ones throwing confetti! Make them feel part of your big day by giving them their own confetti moment – supply them each with a Confetti Wand or a basket filled with your chosen confetti mix for them to throw around, play and have some fun.  Your photographer will be able to capture some wonderful natural shots.

  1. A team effort

Not all couples want photographs of just them; get some different confetti shots with your bridesmaids or special family members.  Make use of the confetti on the ground after your big confetti moment by asking them to lie down on the petals and get your photographer to take some photographs from above.  Of course, not forgetting the bride; have a confetti moment of your own by getting guests to throw confetti as you dance around, you will love the fun and exciting photographs you receive after your big day.

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