For some brides, sometimes plain flowers don’t quite do it. If that sounds familiar, we think you’re going to love these alternative bouquets from Florio Designs

The fabric bouquet

This is a plain bouquet in either one or two colours. It’s simple yet elegant, and so ideal for any brides that want to match her bridesmaids’ dresses to her flowers.


The fabric and brooch bouquet

Arguably the most popular bouquet, this is a glam and gorgeous choice, giving the traditional ‘white rose bouquet’ a little extra sparkle with its glittery brooch additions.


The full brooch bouquet

This bouquet is for brides that want some serious bling walking down the aisle. These bouquets come in a variety of colours, with silver and pearl brooches being the most popular. Not one to use in the bouquet toss though; you’d take someone out!


The fimo rose bouquet

Fimo is a brand of polymer clay and these gorgeous roses are so colourful. This bouquet is great for pastel themes and summer weddings, don’t ya think?


The feather bouquet

A lightweight alternative to the fabric or brooch bouquet. Each flower is handmade from goose feathers with a sparkly diamante centre. We’d love seeing this at a winter wedding!


The shell bouquet

Having a beach theme or getting married on a beach? Why not have some shells in your bouquet? The shell bouquet can be a fabric bouquet with a few shells scattered, or a full bouquet of just shells.


The teardrop bouquet

For the bride that doesn’t want a small bouquet, but really wants to make a statement! The teardrop brooch bouquet will do exactly that.


If you’re loving the look of some of these, head to Florio Designs now and get your hands on one of them for your big day! Go go go!