As William and Kate prepare to welcome their third child any day now, and with the royal wedding only a matter of weeks away, it got us thinking about younger children and babies at weddings.

Are you planning to invite couples who will have a new baby or toddlers by the time you get married? If so, here are our five top tips on looking after those little bundles and joy – and their new mums – during the big day.

  1. If you are inviting children make sure their names are on the invitation. It’s thoughtful and will win you big brownie points with the parents.
  2. Pre-warn the venue that you have children and babies coming to the celebration so they are preapred to heat up baby food and bottles.
  3. Seat new mums and dads near exits so they can make a dash if the little ones start crying during the ceremony.
  4. Organise a chill-out area for new mums where they can feed and change their babies away from the loud music of the evenign reception.
  5. For older children, follow in the footsteps of Kate Moss and hire a marquee filled with toys and games for the under fives. If the budget will stretch hire professional nannies, too, so the parents can have a break during the reception.

Are you expecting the parents to remove their children from the ceremony if they start crying? How have you broached this subject with your guests? Or are you planning a child-free celebration? Let us know now on the Wedding Ideas Forum.

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