Even the most organised and well-prepared bride could be thrown into a last minute frenzy on her wedding day if Mother Nature decides to strike.

Try not to panic if you wake up with a big spot, heat rash, tired-looking eye or a tanning dilemma – our two beauty experts are on hand to give valuable tips to keep you calm and achieve bridal beauty perfection…

Tan disaster

“Have your tan three days before your wedding so the colour can settle and if you do have a tan disaster there’s time for it to fade,” advises Jules Heptonstall, beauty blogger at julesheptonstall.com and Global Tanning Expert for St. Tropez. “It’s super important to moisturise before you tan, and if it’s too dark, don’t panic scrub! Either go swimming or have frequent hot showers using a light body polish to help it fade.”

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Heat rash

“Your first port of call for heat rash is calamine lotion, which will constrict blood vessels and reduce redness,” suggests skin specialist and beauty therapist Laura Boland, founder of glam-ibiza.com. “Make sure you remove yourself from hot rooms and keep skin clear of fabric for as long as possible, as it may irritate the rash even more.” If you’re really worried, it may also be a good idea to take an antihistamine, but you should always check the instructions for safe usage.”

Oily, shiny skin

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A shiny t-zone can happen to the best of us, especially if you’re stressed. Jules suggests carrying a pressed blot powder to soak up shine before photos. “A translucent one is best so your make-up isn’t affected with additional colour,” he advises. “Dust over your face with a brush or press lightly with a puff. My favourite is MAC Pressed Blot Powder.”

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Dark undereye circles

“Invest in a good quality eye cream in the lead up to your wedding,” advises Laura. “Look for products containing palmitoyl oligopeptide and palitoyl tetrapeptide, as these ingredients tighten skin tissues and help to prevent capillary leakage and discolouration.” To conceal dark circles, apply concealer with a short stipple brush in light layers right up to the lash line and into the inner corner of the eye. Apply a second fine layer if needed, and set with a yellow-toned powder, which will help neutralise purple tones.


Don’t let an angry red spot ruin your day. “Any clay-based masks will draw out impurities, so use them two weeks before your big day. My favourite is 5 Minute Thermal Detox by Sanctuary Spa,” says Jules. “Try to avoid alcohol in the run up to the big day, drink plenty of water and enjoy a few saunas to sweat out toxins. If a spot does occur, don’t squeeze unless it’s absolutely ready, and cover with a concealer the exact same shade as your skin.”

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Dull, lifeless skin

For a radiant big day look, don’t forget to moisturise and exfoliate! “A light, beaded exfoliant in the morning will ensure the millions of dead skin cells sitting on the surface of your skin are sloughed away,” says Laura. “A brightening moisturiser with ingredients such as white tea, a natural anti-oxidant, will help control oxidation and illuminate skin.”

Sliding make-up

Jules suggests silicon-based primers for holding make-up in place, as they are more robust than water-based ones, which tend to soak up sweat. Liquid-based foundations as opposed to powder-based foundations can also slide if you suffer from oily skin. Here at Wedding Ideas, we love bareMinerals – they specialise in buildable powder foundations that look super natural and stay put for hours!

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Chipped nail polish

Laura recommends moistening a cotton wool bud in nail polish remover and gently smoothing it over the chipped area until it becomes smooth. “When you’ve done this, apply a coat over the whole nail. Smoothing polish remover over the chipped area blends out any ridges allowing you to repaint with a glossy finish.”

Bad hair day

It’s not always the best idea to wash your hair on the morning of the big day if you’re having a complicated updo, especially if you have fine hair. “Hair that’s been washed the day before has more texture, which is better for styling,” says Jules. “If you’ve booked a hairdresser for the day, tell them if you’re a big fan of dancing so they can make sure it doesn’t move. If you’re doing your hair yourself, make sure to practise several times at home beforehand to avoid stress on the morning of the wedding. Pack an emergency kit of hairspray and bobby pins!”

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Dry lips

“Regardless of which lip product you choose to wear on the day, it’s important to ensure your lips are correctly prepared,” says Laura. “Make your own gentle lip scrub using sugar, olive oil and honey. Massage into your lips for a minute then apply a lip balm, or use coconut or sweet almond oil.” Doing this before the big day will help your lipstick slide on smoothly, and will keep your lips in kissable condition for your groom!

So there we are, your bridal beauty dilemmas busted! Don’t miss out on some of our amazing make-up and hair ideas for you on your wedding day, or why not get some wedding inspo from our gorgeous real brides?