Akashia and Sean had a colourful three-day wedding encompassing traditions from both of their cultures – read on to find out more about their celebrations!


How they met

“We met in our local Starbucks – I was fresh out the gym and looked very messy and a bit smelly!” laughs Akashia. “We then went out for a drink later on that night. I first thought my sister might be interested in him, but luckily for me, she was too hungover to come out with us that night!”

The proposal

“There was never a proposal,” explains Akashia. “We both just started talking about weddings and then began to plan our own. I did drop Sean in it, though, during a family meal. I just said ‘Sean has something to ask you, Dad’ – so he had to ask for my father’s permission in front of everyone!”


The bride’s outfit

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For their two wedding days, Akashia fulfilled every girl’s dream of having two different wedding gowns.

“I found the first at Teokath of London just seven days before the wedding!” remembers Akashia. “The second was a bespoke, gold fishtail dress covered in over 2,000 Swarovski and ruby details. It may have cost £2,000 but it was so gorgeous, Indian and incredible to look at – I just had to have it.”


The groom’s outfit

Handsome groom Sean wore a classic blue suit from Reiss for the first part of their wedding, followed by a traditional Indian wedding suit, to match his bride, for the second day of their celebrations. Both Akashi and Sean bought their second wedding outfits from Traditions, who have a boutique based in Southall.

The bridesmaids

Akashia was accompanied down the aisle by a troupe of helpers, including her sisters and her best friend, as well as two nieces, her nephew and step daughter. Phew!


The ceremony

Day one was the ‘English’ ceremony in this multicultural wedding, which involved a classic civil service at Chelsea Town Hall. The third day was a traditional Islamic wedding service called a Nikah.

“The Nikah was my favourite day – full of so many beautiful memories,” beams Akashia.

The reception

Day one’s reception was an afternoon tea party at The Dorsia with gin and tonics and espresso martinis – a homage to the couple’s Starbucks meeting! After the Nikah ceremony, guests were taken to Baku where they indulged in Jhal Puri Express, provided by street food vendor Angus Denoon.

The honeymoon

“We’re splashing out on an incredible six-week trip to Brazil!” smiles Akashia. “We’re going to dance, laugh, sleep, do yoga and be grateful for our wonderful wedding!”

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