Even the biggest age gap relationships aren’t surprising us anymore. With couples like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore paving the way, do big age gaps in marriage matter anymore?


The traditional approach is for a man to be about three to five years older than a woman. There was no such thing as a cougar in the eighties – it was frowned upon, even deemed unacceptable, for a woman to be seen with a younger man. How times have changed…

With celebrity age gap relationships like Aaron Johnson and his 45-year-old wife, Sam Taylor-Wood, and One Direction’s Harry Styles’ various selection of older love-interests, is having a partner of a similar age becoming old-fashioned? Or are age gap relationships only for celebs?

Age gap relationships… an older obsession?

So what could be attractive about an older man or woman? Perhaps the assumption that the extra years have brought more maturity, appreciation, wisdom and better advise to give and no sign of self-consciousness that has taken over the younger generation. A study of a group online found that 80% of the group said the experience of having an age gap relationship hard, but an equal 80% would recommend it.

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What happened to joint interests and hobbies bringing couples together? Your other half might want to go out and party, while all you want to do is stay at home for a quiet night in. Okay, so your personal interests can be dealt with, but there’s always the social situations where you can be mistaken for the babysitter, or the parent. Some may take it through gritted teeth, some may take it light-heartedly, but your husband being seen by others as your dad isn’t ideal.

Maybe your age gap isn’t noticeable yet, but with marriage being for the long-term, a few years down the line this could be a different story. Studies have shown that men can increase their life expectancy by marrying a younger woman, but cougars aren’t as lucky, with their life expectancy supposedly lowering because of their infatuation with the younger species. Either way, health decline and the aging process are inevitable for everyone. Do you reckon people are thinking about the long term when they’re caught up in this new ‘trend’? Or does age really not matter when you’re in love?

What do you think about age gap relationships? Is there an age gap between you and your partner? Would you get married to someone with a large age gap?

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