As a successful wedding photographer with over ten years’ experience, Steve Longbottom can give clients a helpful insight into planning their day to help ensure they get the most from their wedding photography.

Steve furnishes all of his clients and enquiries with this information. Once you have found a wedding photographer with a portfolio and style that you like and that you think is right for your wedding, there are a few more questions that you can ask and a few more things to consider before you hand over your deposit. Here are just a couple of tips…


A personality match is crucial between the couple and the photographer. After all, they will be with you throughout the entire day, often in close proximity. You need to be sure that you will get along with them well enough that you feel relaxed in their company. Chances are this will also help with the photographs. The more relaxed and at ease you feel, the better the results will be. So before you book with them, make sure you have met up with them, or at the very least have had a video chat.

Ask them to show you the last wedding that they shot and get them to talk you through a typical wedding day itinerary. They will have (hopefully) photographed tons of weddings and should be able to give you an insight that might help you plan your own wedding day.

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Once you are happy with their creative work you should also get an understanding of how organised they are. Your wedding is a huge project condensed down into one day so it’s important to know that your photographer has planned their time around the itinerary and that all the details have been discussed and agreed. Steve uses his experience as a project manager to pull together a wedding plan document with each of his clients. It includes contact details, shot lists, itineraries, terms and conditions and much more. The document gets updated throughout the planning stage before the final draft is issued the week before the big day. It becomes an invaluable resource for Steve before the wedding and offers some reassurance to his clients.


When scheduling your day with the venue, try and allow a window of at least an hour and a half from the drinks reception to the wedding breakfast. More if you can. Inevitably, timings always run behind, and you don’t want to rush through the photos. Allowing more time gives you a buffer and will help the whole day feel more relaxed.


To find out more about Steve Longbottom wedding photography or to make an enquiry, please visit his website or email me at [email protected]