“I want my hair to look thin and lifeless on my wedding day” – said no bride EVER. But the fact is that settling on a hair style for your wedding day can be almost as big a decision as choosing a dress, and particularly tricky for brides who bemoan their hair’s lack of volume. Of course, there’s loads that a clever stylist can do with an up-do, since this offers so much scope for ‘bulking up’ the style with accessories and hair pieces, but for those who long for an un-styled and subtle look – think flowing locks over bare shoulders, perfect for festival-style or beach weddings – the options can seem a far more limited.

Sarah Rodrigues



Enter Daniel Galvin’s Gold Class “Fuller Thicker” package, which will leave your locks looking nothing short of luscious. You know those TV ads where the women swish their hair around from side to side and it falls bouncily back into place? THAT is exactly how you’ll feel after this treatment. And that doesn’t only apply to straight after the treatment – after a few days of downpours, workouts and general life stuff, people were still commenting on how lovely my tresses looked.

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Even more satisfyingly, the results were so natural as to be noticeable but obvious – nobody would have guessed what I’d had done, and those to whom I ‘fessed up were amazed. For brides who want to look fantastic without looking like they’re trying too hard, this would surely have to be the perfect outcome.

An initial consultation with Daniel Galvin’s principal extensionist, Becky Lennon, will give you the opportunity to talk about the kind of look you want, as well as allowing her to examine your hair and estimate how many extensions you’ll need for best results – if your hair is already fairly full but you’re just after some extra volume, you may only need 50 – 75 extensions; those with especially limp, thin locks may choose to go much higher. For wonderful depth, you can choose extensions in a range of colours other than your main one – caramel-blonde additions to dark hair give a beautifully sun-kissed look, perfect for a summer wedding down-do – and because the extensions are bonded to the lower layers of your hair, talk about booking in with a colourist to add some highlights to your topmost layers for a cohesive look. Be sure to book in for your extensions around two weeks before your wedding, to leave you time for any adjustments, if necessary.


The Gold Class hair used at Daniel Galvin is 100% human hair, which means that you can wash, dry and style it exactly as you would your own hair – and, because it’s completely understandable when it comes to something as personal as hair that you’ll want to know exactly how it has been acquired, Gold Class hair is completely traceable throughout its process. It’s ethically sourced from Hindu temples, where pilgrims willingly shave their heads as part of a religious tradition known as tonsuring; the money donated to the temples for the hair is then spent on community projects – and, because of the culture and lifestyle of the pilgrims, the hair is of exceptional quality even before going through the gentle cleansing & colouring process that makes it salon-ready.

Is it painful? Not at all; the hair is bonded to your own hair a centimetre or so away from the roots, so that your scalp isn’t irritated by it, and you don’t feel a thing – except pampered! – throughout the process. The on-site Souli restaurant at Daniel Galvin’s flagship salon in Marylebone, plus the proximity of upmarket eateries to the other salons, means that you can refuel mid-treatment with a delicious healthy salad and fresh juice right there in your chair – or be completely indulgent with a glass of wine. Your extensionist will provide you with a complimentary aftercare package and explain how to use it but really, aside from avoiding getting your hair wet for the first few days (to allow the bonds to set) you can pretty much get on with your normal lifestyle – except with better hair! All of which leaves you completely free to focus on planning your wedding – and making that flower crown to perch atop your long, tousled, loosely flowing bridal locks!

Gold Class Hair extensions at Daniel Galvin are priced from £650 for 50 extensions and last for 3-4 months and need to be removed by a qualified technician back in the salon