Check out part 2 of our wedding reception ideas. As the little details are just as important as the big ones. is for Non-Matching Centrepieces

A key trend for 2012, eclipsing traditional matching floral arrangements. You could use the same blooms on every table, but in different vessels (tall vases, goldfish bowls), or use different flowers for each table, tied together by their colour scheme.

O is for Ostrich Feathers

Whether you use them to decorate your chair backs, table centres, pew ends or even your wedding bouquet, ostrich feathers are a glamorous addition to any 1920s-themed reception – a hot trend for 2013 weddings (you heard it here first!). We also love large vintage ostrich feather fans – the perfect prop for your wedding photobooths. Fabulous!

P is for Pegs.

A practical and purse-friendly way to hang all manner of things around your reception, pegs are the latest party must haves! They look especially pretty in classic wood or painted pastel colours, and can hold everything from old photos and table plans to guests’ hats!

Q is for Quiet Areas

Give guests a relaxing area where they can escape the hustle and bustle of the evening party. This could be a suite at the hotel, a library, a small bar area – anywhere where they can catch up with family.

R is for Retro Sweets

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Whether it’s the pretty pastel lilac of Parma Violets or the rich-looking golden wrapper of a Werther’s Original, retro sweets can really help tie a table’s colour scheme together. Think back to your childhood and make a sweetie bar with your favourites.

S is for Scent

Think about the scent your guests will smell as they walk into the reception venue. Whether you use fresh flowers, scented candles or essential oils, choose a calming and relaxing scent that will always remind you of your special day.

a-z-of-wedding-reception-ideas-do-the-little-touches-right-part-2-binkynixon.comT is for Tapas

Want to save on your food? Ditch the sit-down meal for a contemporary tapas menu. Traditionally made up of Spanish foods, your tapas reception can feature dishes that fit in with your theme, or the time of year.

U is for Unique Transport.

Let guests send you off in style with unique transport that they’ll never forget. We love transport that fits with the theme of the day like tractors (for a country wedding) or helicopters (for a glam Bond-style do!)

V is for Visual Effects

It could be as simple as using spotlights to highlight focal points or a colour wash over the entire room. You could even get custom lighting that complements your theme, like snowflakes for a winter wedding.

W is for Windmills

The sort found in garden centres and at the seaside – windmills will bring a bit of childhood nostalgia to your reception. Indoors, they make stunning table centres, grouped in bunches of three or four in a tall vase. Outdoors, plant them in the ground to whirl in the breeze.

X is for Xtended party

Your wedding is the best day of your life, but as any bride will tell you, it’s over in a flash. Why not extend the celebrations by holding your wedding midweek and having a follow-up barbecue at the weekend?

Y is for Yellow

Yellow is set to be the colour of choice for stylish wedding receptions. Less is more when working with such a bright shade, so combine a few popping accent pieces with a soft, neutral background like grey, ivory or taupe. It’s all the rage in the US!

Z is for Zero Carbon

Eco-friendly receptions are growing in popularity. Okay, so it might not be totally carbon neutral, but why not opt for organic or locally sourced food, give seed packets as favours for guests to plant when they get home, wrap cutlery in sheets of newspaper tied with brown string? You’ll be starting married life with some good green karma behind you!

What are you favourite reception ideas?

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