Gone are the days of dry chicken dinner! Check out these delicious new wedding food ideas from Izzy Hicks that you just can’t go wrong with!

A is for American classics

If you’re having a quirky 1950s wedding, why not pair your retro theme with an American diner menu to match? Think mini burgers as canapés, mac’n’cheese for mains and creamy milkshakes to wash it all down. Jukebox optional!

B is for BBQ

A barbeque is the perfect choice for a casual summer wedding day – but don’t just serve burnt bangers! Companies like thegourmetbbqcompany.co.uk have delicious offerings such as rose harissa lamb, swordfish steak and prosciutto-wrapped chicken.

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C is for Cake pops

These cake-lollipop hybrids make fantastic favours or sweet additions to a styled dessert table, not least because they’re so easy to customise! Make your own with help from your bridesmaids – or just visit a pro like thecakepopcompany.co.uk.

D is for Dim Sum

If you’re looking for a bit of Eastern inspiration for your wedding day menu, then look no further than dim sum. These bite-sized delicacies are the perfect choice for canapés – dish up steamed buns, rolls and dumplings on bamboo servers with green tea to follow.

E is for Earl Grey

One of the most popular flavours we’ve seen this year is Earl Grey – it’s appeared in everything from marshmallows to macaroons. If you and your h2b are tea-lovers, why not give Earl Grey-flavoured biscuits as favours, or concuct a signature cocktail using infused vodka or gin?

F is for Fish and chips

This classic British treat isn’t going anywhere! Whether you choose to serve your fish and chips as a main or in miniature cone form as a canapé, it’s almost guaranteed to keep both kids and adults happy and won’t break the bank.

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G is for Gingerbread

If you’re having a Christmas wedding, then this festive biscuit makes for a great decorative centrepiece of a sweet place name. You could even bake and decorate your own gingerbread bride and groom favours!

H is for Hot dogs

This trend is (perhaps unsurprisingly!) one borrowed from our American cousins. For a fun and informal dining option, offer a hot dog bar with build-your-own toppings such as cheese, jalapenos and bacon bits.

I is for Ice cream

The trend for frozen treats such as ice cream and gelato is still going strong for summer weddings. We’re loving cute ice cream vans like Bluebelle from vintageicecreamvan.co.uk – with flavours like salted caramel, key lime pie and mango and cream, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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J is for Jellybeans

Jellybeans are a fantastic choice for wedding favours or dessert tables. They won’t melt in the heat (or in small, sticky hands!), and come in such a huge range of colours and flavours that you’re guaranteed to find a pretty mix to match your theme. Fill vintage glass bowls with your wedding colours and voilà – instant stylish sweetie bar! Visit jellybelly-uk.com to buy 1kg bags of your favourite flavour.

K is for Krispy Kremes

Did you know that Krispy Kreme have a wedding range? Now you do! Herd HQ’s favourite doughnut brand sell incredible doughnut towers that make the perfect quirky wedding cake replacement, as well as individual boxed doughnuts as favours. Yum.

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L is for Limoncello

Miniature bottles of spirits and liqueurs make fab favours for your adult guests – why not make it personal to you and your h2b by choosing a local liqueur from your honeymoon destination? Italian speciality limoncello is one of our favourites for its sunny yellow colour and fresh lemon flavour.

M is for Meringue

You heard it here first: meringues are the new macaroons. Meringue kisses are becoming popular with foodie brides thanks to their light-as-air texture, bright colours and fun flavours. Check out meringuegirls.co.uk to be awed by their inspiring designs!

N is for Nachos

Having a Mexican feast for your big day? Sharing platters piled high with topped nachos are a great start option. Just make sure you have lots of napkins to hand!

O is for Oysters

For a truly glamorous wedding, an oyster bar is the last word in luxury canapés. Experts theoystergirls.com will provide a full oyster bar with raw, BBQ and baked options as well as delicious sauces.

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P is for Pie

Both sweet and savoury pies are cooking up a storm in the wedding food world! English brides are loving decorated pork pies as a quirky wedding cake alternative, while American brides are opting for dessert tables filled with sweet pies for afters.

Q is for Quiche

This picnic staple can make the perfect addition to an informal wedding buffet, and is great for brides on a budget. If you’re a natural born chef, you could even make your own ahead of time and freeze them before the big day!

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R is for Roast

The classic roast dinner is still very popular for couples who want a sit-down dinner, but hog roasts are fast becoming the firm buffet favourite for weddings of all seasons. Don’t forget to add delicious salads, hot potatoes and an option for those who don’t eat pork.

S is for Sushi

These decorative bite-size morsels make for super swish canapés, or a finger food for buffets. You can even get sushi wedding ‘cake’ – sushirolls.co.uk sells a six-tier, 320-piece display that’s guaranteed to get your guests talking.

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T is for Tapas

Tapas are another fantastic sharing option if you’re looking to bring a little Spanish flavour to your wedding menu. With delicious hot and cold options such as chorizo in red wine, garlic mushrooms, Spanish omelette and a range of tasty breads and olives, you’re sure to please everybody.

U is for Upside down cake

Thanks to The Great British Bakeoff, this 1980s classic is firmly back in fashion. We’re fans of the iconic pineapple verson, but apple, apricot and pear upside down cakes are all great additions to a homemade dessert table.

V is for Vegetarian

These days, there’s no excuse for a rubbish meat-free option. Many caterers are happy to provide delicious veggie options that even devoted carnivores will love!

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W is for Welsh cakes

If you and your h2b have Welsh heritage, why not honour your roots with these tasty pancakes? A hot or cold platter of Welsh cakes makes a fab snack – particularly in the evening when everyone’s exhausted from dancing.

X is for Xmas cake

No time of the year is better for feasting than Christmas. Add a festive touch to your day by choosing a traditional marzipan-covered Christmas fruitcake.

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Y is for Yorkshire puddings

A British favourite, Yorkshire puds make a quirky canapé when they’re served in miniature form, along with a sliver of roast beef and a dollop of horseradish cream. Delish.

Z is for Zucchini fries

Another idea from the USA, zucchini (or courgette) sliced into fries and baked is a healthier alternative to potato.