Wedding Ideas Editor, Rachel Southwood tells you all you need to know about your bridesmaids, starting with choosing the right ones to walk you down the aisle! Our bridesmaids special is out now and jam packed with essentials that are a must read for your girls! Get a little taster here with 10 tips from the NEW October issue!





Rather then going all match match why don’t you let your bridesmaids choose what jewellery they wear, within a colour scheme (i.e. if you’re going silver, they should too). Their jewellery should sit them, be something they are comfortable with, and work well with yours. You don’t want your fashion forward friend rocking up in a fascinator and you’ve gone down the subtle route. One of the most important rules of being a bridesmaid is to let you steal the show!

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Best friends

You might feel to obliged to ask you sister in law, your cousin or your finance’s brattish little sister, but you don’t have to have anyone! Choose those who have truly been there through your worst and best times – the ones you know will have your back on the biggest day of your life!


Flower girls

They can be really cute for photos and don’t have to do anything beyond looking pretty and carrying a basket of confetti (if you want them to), so why not? This will work well if you have small nieces on either side of the family.


Get gorgeous

Make sure that your pampering team have enough time for your girls on the morning of the wedding (including your mum) – makeup is best kept simple but sophisticated and to a theme. It might be that they prefer to do their own makeup. If so, great, but make sure they know not to go curveball on it. No big fake eyelashes and no red lips, please!


Hen party

This is the first of the big jobs for your girls – to plan your last night of freedom. While you don’t have much choice about what you do and where you go, you should make it clear if you have things that you really wouldn’t enjoy. But then, they should know these things already as your bridesmaids…



In spending, that is. If your bridesmaids are going to be given freedom to find their own accessories or even their own dress to your chosen scheme, curb their spending or they may just go designer, blowing your budget before the big day!



Different things suit different people and it doesn’t say anywhere that bridesmaids have to look exactly the same. Choose multiway dresses like In One or TwoBirds and let them create their own style to suit.



Bridesmaids can carry a bag or purse and in that bag they can carry your all-important blotting paper, tissues and lip gloss.



We love the thought of each of your girls choosing their own shoes to go with their outfit to make them feel extra comfortable. Makes for a fun photograph, too!



Make sure you get some! In the lead up to the wedding but also the night before. No staying up chatting until 4am, however tempting that might be, just because you are all together. You will all need to get good sleep, if you can!



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