Located on the border of Kent and Sussex is the fantastic Scotney Castle, the perfect place for Creative Brides (and team) to shoot this rustic-inspired big day theme. They chose to use the fields and grounds surrounding the Castle rather than the Castle itself, producing light and earthy photos that, if you’re thinking about this theme for your wedding day, are absolutely necessary!

Creative Brides - Scotney castle photoshoot-226

Caroline from Wild Rubus Floral Design created beautiful bouquets and arrangements to really bring this shoot to life, while the delicious and show-stopping naked cake was created by the fabulous Emily from Rosehip Sussex. Rachael from Hire Love added the amazing finishing touches and brought her styling expertise to the whole shoot, we particularly love the welcome board and wooden blocks that spell out ‘love’. When it comes to creating a rustic wedding day, getting crafty and back to basics is a great way to add character to everything. However, if you’re not crafty – and nobody in your family is, either – then getting someone on board like Rachael at Hire Love is a great idea. Adding a juxtaposition to the natural aspect of your big day like this fun ‘BAR’ sign is a great way to break things up, not to mention it adds a real wow factor! Oh, and if you’re planning on having your canine companion at your big day then you’ll love the DIY Creative Brides and Love Hire have up their sleeves…



Clair and Helen, Creative Brides

Rachael, Hire Love

Matilda, Matilda Rose Photography

Caroline, Wild Rubus Floral Design

Creative Brides DIY Project

Emily, Rosehip Sussex


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