10 Steps To Plan Your Wedding In Your Lunch Break…

Finding the time to plan your wedding couldn’t be easier if you take advantage of your lunch hour and this quick Wedding Planning Checklist of things achievable quickly!

There’s so much to do, but so little time… Trying to fit wedding planning into your precious evenings and weekends, as well as your social life, gardening, household chores and shopping – there just aren’t enough hours in the day. This is where your lunch hour comes in – there is so much you can do while you’re sitting at your desk.

 Finding the time to avert your attention to your wedding planning checklist couldn’t be easier if you take advantage of your lunch hour!

Find your dream dress

The search begins! The most exciting (and expensive) purchase you will probably ever make, you need to get your search started. Why not browse our website fashion section, or the magazine, to find ideas. Do bear in mind that what you think you want and what you end up with will be very different things! You should definitely book in at your local boutiques to try some different styles on as soon as possible. Read up on our Wedding Dress Finder – from choosing your dress style, to advice and questions to ask on your first boutique visit, everything you’ll need to know is right here!

Call your wedding suppliers

Many suppliers don’t work evenings and weekends, so lunch time is the only time you can call them. Just don’t get caught using your desk phone!

Pin away!

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Oh so addictive! Feed your addiction for collecting images of everything you love and are inspired by over a lunch break. Every lunch time! Wedding Ideas Pinterest is FULL of the dreamiest ideas for brides on a budget, to themes, irresistible decor, seasonal looks, beautiful bridal hair ideas, accessories, cakes and the best wedding photo ideas… the list goes on!

Take a walk

Stretch your legs, get some exercise and start to tone up for the big day. A half-hour brisk walk every day will work wonders! And if that isn’t enough read up on 10 Ways To Get Toned Up In Two Months!

Write your invitations

It takes about a minute to write each invitation, meaning that in two lunchtimes, you could be done! Use our helpful invitation wording guide too if you creating yours from scratch!

Design your website

We recommend gettingmarried.co.uk as a brilliant option for creating your wedding website quickly and easily. You even get your own URL.

Number Crunching

One of the first things you should do is start a spreadsheet of costs. Leave no stone unturned! You could share it with your fiancé on Google Drive

Sort your table plan

This is something you will come back to time and time again, so your lunch hour is the best opportunity. Think carefully about who will chat with who – you don’t have to sit people next to who they know best. You may benefit from reading our top tips for your top table seating plan for families that don’t fit into the cookie cutter roles…

Create a playlist

You don’t want to annoy your colleagues by playing cheesy music every lunch hour, so put your headphones in and use Spotify to collate songs that mean something to you both or that will keep the dance floor filled all night long. Just like these 25 MUST HAVE dance floor fillers!

Create a gift list

Whether you go with an in-store gift list, like Prezola or The Wedding Shop, or one for your honeymoon, start early to avoid stress. Adding a bit here and there is far better than trying to do it all at once.