This amazing film has given us shivers in the Wedding Ideas office, so we knew we had to share it with you – it’s definitely one of the most creative and heartfelt proposals we’ve seen in a while!

When filmmaker Richard Ing ([email protected]) decided to propose to his girlfriend Abbie Miller, he knew that he wanted to do something special. With the help of his friends in the industry and some close family members, he created this incredible short film, which he called ‘Fingers Crossed’.

To create an extra-special screening of his film, Richard booked a Norwich cinema on the weekend of Abbie’s birthday, and told her that a local production company had organised an event to showcase some of work that Richard’s company had made that year. He invited 50 family members and friends along, as well as directors and crew from some of the films they had made. What Abbie didn’t know was that ‘Fingers Crossed’ was the final film.

“There are many hidden clues for Abbie to spot during the film, from her sister’s chest to all the cereals in the supermarket being reorganised in her order of favourites,” says Richard. “I hired the motorbike and bought new leathers so as not to make it too obvious it was me. I wanted her to suspect something but to not know what for sure till the end.”

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We’re certainly blown away by this phenomenal story – we love that all the actors in the film are secretly members of Abbie and Richard’s family. Plus, there aren’t many brides who can say that their engagement ring has been into space – up to 109,154 feet, in fact!

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