We bring you the low down on the best hen party ideas for you to steal. From a cocktail masterclass, to adrenaline-fueled water sports, this alphabet will have something for you!

A-Z of hen party ideas © UKGirlThing

A is for…afternoon tea

High tea is not only one of the hottest wedding trends right now, it’s also perfect for civilised hens! Trade in the L-plates for a cream tea with vintage crockery, and you’ll have yourself a lovely soirée for all ages.

A-Z of hen party ideas © Butlers in the Buff

B is for…butlers in the buff

There’s only one thing better than being waited on hand and foot with food and drinks, and that’s getting them delivered by a buff butler! These handsome waiters can help you out with anything from serving treats to being a quiz master in a Mr & Mrs game. Service doesn’t get much better than that…

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A-Z of hen party ideas © UKGirlThing

C is for…cocktail making

Know your Mojito from your Cosmopolitan? Put your mixing skills to the test and try a cocktail masterclass with your girls. Learn which spirits work with which flavours, and have fun creating your own tipple, while tasting the samples! Check out the cocktail-making masterclass from UKGirlThing – with prices starting at only £82.95 for the class, accommodation, games, a two-course meal AND club entry!

A-Z of hen party ideas © UKGirlThing

D is for…dancing divas

What’s a hen party without a night of dancing? You could go to a dance class and learn a routine from Dirty Dancing, Grease, or a Beyoncé track with the girls, and then perform it on the wedding night! Or, if all else fails, make sure there’s a dancefloor in the club to see you into the early hours. UKGirlThing provide a wide range of classes, where you’ll learn the moves from a professional dance instructor AND get a hen party gift bag!

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E is for…edible treats

Line your tummies with classes in food making! Everything from baking cupcakes to making your own chocolates, the possibilities are endless. And you can use your new-found skills to make your h2b something when you get back home.

Hen party A-Z © ryan-browne.co.uk

F is for…flower arranging

Have you thought about doing your own big-day flowers? How about a flower masterclass with the girls to learn how to create the perfect bouquet and buttonholes? Fun, practical and money saving, too!

A-Z of hen party idea © UKGirlThing

G is for…go karting

Fancy yourself as the next Lewis Hamilton (swoon)?! Put some competition into your hen party with a go karting race. Split the girls into two teams and get them to race head-to-head with the winning team getting on the podium! You could make trophies for the winners and the losers can do a shot! Hen party A-Z © Go Ape

H is for…high wires

Adrenaline junkies will love taking to the high ropes. Zipline from one tree to another to get the blood rushing before the big night out. It’s a great opportunity for fun photos, too! You can get a great session at Go Ape in one of UKGirlThing’s hen party packages, which includes accommodation and planned evening entertainment!

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I is for…indoor skydiving

OK, it’s not the most flattering of experiences, but it sure is great fun! Get kitted up before entering a wind tunnel that blows you up to make you airborn. Hilarious photos are guaranteed in a once-in-a-lifetime experience you and your girls will always remember! A word of warning though, don’t go on a full stomach!

A-Z of hen party ideas © UKGirlThing

J is for…joke about

For a night guaranteed to be full of giggles, consider a comedy club. You could go for a local club, or book tickets to see your favourite comedian? Another great way to get the laughter rolling is to play pin the ‘tail’ on the groom, or a Mr & Mrs quiz is great for getting your groom involved, too.

K is for…knock-out choice

It’s a Knockout was one of the funniest shows on TV, with helpless contestants trying to beat the bouncing balls, slides and wobbly platforms to get to the finishing line. With courses set up all over the country, you and the girls can have your own competition!

A-Z of hen party ideas © UKGirlThing

L is for…life drawing

Unlike those naughty stags, us ladies keep hen party nudity classy with a life drawing class! UKGirlThing knows the drill, and combines this chance for a slightly naughty but tasteful activity, with nighttime fun in one of their fantastic packages. It really is a great way to learn a new skill and is good for a secret giggle with the girls!

A-Z of hen party ideas © annarosell.com

M is for…makeover

Get glammed up before a night out on the tiles with a full-on professional makeover. Get pampered to the max with a pedicure, manicure, hairstyling and professional make-up to ensure you feel a million dollars on your last night of freedom.

Hen party A-Z © andreapickering.com

N is for…night in

If you’re having a two-day party, one of your evening could be a night in. The Night In package from UKGirlThing organises it all, from the hotel, to the entertainment, to the food, and more! Get in your pjs, enjoy some wine and nibbles and watch a romantic DVD. It’s also a great time to get to know each other before the big night out the next day. A great idea for young and old.

Hen party A-Z © Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa

O is for…overseas

Fed up of unpredictable British weather? Jet off to somewhere sunny in Europe for a sun-soaked celebration. Popular spots are Ibiza, Magaluf and Gran Canaria because they’re not too pricey either. Get a large group of friends and some neon make-up and you’re good to go!

Hen party A-Z © UKGirlThing

P is for…perfume making

Can’t choose your bridal fragrance? Why not make you own with a fun perfume making class? Experts will show you how the best scents are created and you can make a big-day scent.

Hen party A-Z © Quad Biking Oaker Wood

Q is for…quad biking

Tomboy brides will love the adrenaline rush that quad biking offers you. Race around a dirt track with your girls and jump ramps, skid the corners and get fully stuck in! You can make a competition of it too with prizes for the winner, or split the group into tag teams instead.

Hen party A-Z

R is for…recording studio

If you fancy yourself as the next Britney or Lady Gaga, then choose a hen party in a recording studio. Get your voice dubbed over a famous track with each girl having their own part to sing. The professionally-recorded track is then yours to keep and play for happy memories.

A-Z of hen party ideas © UKGirlThing

S is for…spa

One of the most popular choices for hen parties is to visit a spa. Wedding planning preparations can be very stressful, so your hen party is a great opportunity to relax and unwind in style. These types of parties are particularly good if you only want to invite a select few friends and family, young and old. Everyone can just chill and be excited for the wedding together before the madness begins. With the Spa-kle all inclusive package from UKGirlThing at only £84.95, a hen spa-ty is a great idea!

T is for…TOWIE

Essex is great for a night out, and thanks to The Only Way is Essex, people can’t get enough of this hotspot for hen parties. Some party providers do TOWIE tours, so you can visit where they shoot the show, meet some of the cast, then spend the night VIP in Sugar Hut. A must for any die-hard TOWIE fan. Shut up! Hen party A-Z © Workshops, Grosvenor

U is for…underwear making

Not as strange as it sounds, underwear classes have become more popular of late, especially with crafty brides that want to add a bit of humour to their creations. Make your own embroidered ‘Mrs’ knickers, a cute garter or something naughty but nice! A-Z of hen party ideas © mtmstudio.co.uk

V is for…VIP club entry

Most women feel that a night out isn’t complete without hitting the dancefloor. Ensure you get to bust some moves by booking VIP entry to a club. Leave it up to UKGirlThing to organise everything from accommodation, a bar guide, and VIP entry into the best clubs all over.  This way you know you’re guaranteed to get in, get to jump the queue, and often get your own booth to sit in, inside the venue. Ideal for sore feet. A-Z of hen party ideas © UKGirlThing

W is for…water sports

Beach babes, listen up! Cool down in the sun with a day of water-based activities. From surfing and paddle boarding to wake boarding and jet skiing, you can make the most of good weather and get an adrenaline rush at the same time with a water sports hen party. A-Z of hen party ideas © Dreamboys

X is for… X-rated

Anything the lads can do…How about going to a male strip tease like the Dreamboys? These oiled-up hunks will dance to your favourite tunes and have a special surprise for the hen, too! Guaranteed laughter and blushes for you and the girls. A word of warning – make sure your mum and mother-in-law aren’t in your eye line during the show! A-Z of hen party ideas © Canopy and Stars

Y is for…yurts

Never mind the activities, hens should consider the accommodation, too. Yurts are a great idea if you want to go camping but with the comforts and luxuries of a hotel – aka, glamping! The best ones are in the South and along the coastline, so you can camp out in style in the evening after a day of hitting the beach. What more could you want? Hen party A-Z © UK Girl Thing

Z is for…zorbing

Have you ever been zorbing before? It’s so much fun! A simple but brilliant idea, you get placed in a protective ball that rolls from the top of the hill to the bottom. In some cases you’re allowed to go down in pairs in one ball – just be careful that you don’t get bruises before the wedding! If you’re looking for more hen party ideas, why not check out UKGirlThing’s A-Z of ideas too, or take a look at our Hen and Stag section for more inspiration?