When they say that opposites attract, that is certainly the case with newlyweds Claire and Mark Griggs. When we last left the couple, they were adventuring in northern Thailand and now in part 2 of their adventure, they head to southern Thailand and discover another way of life. Over to you Claire…


The surprise of the south

The landscape of the south couldn’t be more different from the mountainous and tropical north, with white sandy beaches that stretch out for miles and the bluest of sparkling seas.

On arrival at The Sarojin, we were shown to our room, which was decorated with flowers and lemongrass spelling out ‘Happy Honeymoon’ on the bed. A really thoughtful touch and it made us feel as though we were starting our honeymoon again.

The Sarojin is a stunning boutique property on the west coast of Thailand, it’s a fantastic location, right in the centre of a beautiful sandy bay and just a stone’s throw from the bustling centre of Khao Lak town. The pace of life here was a step down again from that in the north and a world away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

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Stunning sights to see

We took advantage of our new location to see some more of the spectacular sights of this region of Thailand, we arranged a visit to Phang Nga Bay (home to Bond villain, Scaramanga, in The Man with the Golden Gun), to see the stunning limestone islands that literally rise out of the sea. This unique landscape is a truly breathtaking sight to behold, especially first thing in the morning as the mists are clearing.

The perfect balance

During our stay we visited the Similan Islands on a snorkelling trip onboard the Lady Sarojin, where we were fortunate enough to swim amongst turtles and all kinds of tropical fish in crystal clear water. The next day we travelled down the coast to Little Amazon by boat and we felt as if we had just stepped onto the set of an Indiana Jones movie. During our trip we suddenly emerged into a wide open river, bathed in the rays of a beautiful sunset, where we had to stop and just take in the moment. We had definitely found the balance between adventure and relaxation and met at somewhere magical in between.


The best of both worlds

Our trip to Thailand was a honeymoon of contrasts – north and south; jungle and beach; adventure and relaxation; and, in some respects, Mark vs Claire. Yet, in seeking a compromise, we managed to achieve the seemingly impossible: a journey in which every step exceeded our expectations and a trip where we discovered the best of both worlds.

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