Good morning readers, today’s post is something a little bit different. Here at Wedding Ideas HQ our ethos is that your wedding should be all about you. Your style, your taste, your budget.

So that’s what I’m hoping to get across this morning, by showcasing Jennifer and Justin’s real wedding. This couple didn’t want lots of frills, they didn’t have a massive venue budget, or hundreds of ideas for decorative items. They had each other, and they had love.

“Our first date was at Il Fomaio – an Italian restaurant in Denver, USA. It was the main reason we chose to wed in Italy,” explains Jennifer.

“We were holidaying in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, with friends, when he popped the question. The four of us were all taking a stroll on the beach when he dropped to one knee and proposed in Spanish. I was so shocked that I forgot the language, and had no idea what he was asking me! Then he produced a ring (and I caught up), and all the Mexican ladies in the area started cheering and squealing. It was awesome! My best friend was there with her husband to take pictures of the special event,” smiles Jennifer.

“When it came to wedding dresses, I wasn’t too fussed,” she remembers. “After trying on nearly a dozen traditional-style gowns with nothing really clicking, I gave up. In the end I picked a simple Grecian-inspired gown from David’s Bridal, that was light and simple – perfect for carrying on an aeroplane.”

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“As we eloped we didn’t worry about bridesmaids or groomsmen – we didn’t have to spend money on their hair or dresses, we just thought about ourselves. Justin bought his light-grey suit from Men’s Warehouse, a local shop where we live in Denver.”

“Our ceremony was obviously very intimate, just the bride, the groom and our celebrant. We read our own vows, which was extremely emotional. It was a very personal experience for the both of us – we will definitely never forget it,” adds Jennifer.

“After the service we were treated to a private dinner at Le Terrazza. We were right on the water, and had the best table, with the most spectacular view. We ate swordfish, and celebrated with a bottle of Prosecco.” The couple ended their night dancing away the hours at a club in the local town.

“If you are on a budget eloping is the way to go! You can throw a reception when you get back for family and friends to share your pictures and memories and include them on the fun. Your wedding should be special, but so should other things like buying your first home or having children together. The scale of the wedding does not predict the outcome of the marriage,” says Jennifer.

Wise words I think, that can be adapted to fit all kinds of occasions. Don’t forget big or small, I love seeing your individual days, so please keep sending your photos my way.

Alice x