The sound of distant wedding bells is ringing in Britain as the long awaited announcement of a royal engagement has finally arrived. Prince William and Kate Middleton revealed to the country that they are officially engaged and have set their wedding date for Friday 29th April 2011. Whilst we can’t all enjoy the opulence of a royal wedding, such as the extravaganza William and Kate will likely have, it is possible to create your own royal themed wedding stationery.
A royal invitation - wedding stationery design fit for a QueenBy simply adding a monogram or a crest and some royal colours, you can easily have a royal invitation fit for a Queen. The monogram is a motif made by combining two letters, such as initials, to form a single symbol. Historically, monograms first appeared on coins, mainly in Greece. They used the first 2 letters of the name of the city to create the monogram. They have also often been used by artists and craftsmen on their work. They are probably, however, best known as being created for monarchs to use as their signature on coins. In the Victorian period people from the upper classes used them for personal use to demonstrate their position in society. In a wedding setting, you can use the first initials of the bride and groom to create a beautiful personal monogram – ideal for any royal invitation style wedding stationery.
A royal invitation - wedding stationery design fit for a QueenMonograms can look extremely classy on big day invites and add a touch of sophistication to your wedding stationery, especially when paired with a royal coloured background. Colours such as red, royal blue, purple and gold are traditionally known as colours used by members of the monarchy. This was because fabrics in these colours were hard to get and therefore very expensive in the past so only royalty could afford to buy them.
The wording of your wedding stationery, specifically the invite will also have to suit the royal theme, so it will have to be very formal, with no abbreviated words. A good way to phrase your royal invitation could be “…request the honour/pleasure of your presence at the marriage of…” and the date should be written entirely in words, for example, “on Saturday, the twenty seventh of January two thousand and eleven.”

As you can see, it’s fairly easy to add a touch of royalty to your wedding stationery, without needing to have blue blood in your veins.

These tips have been supplied by Vaishali Shah of Ananya Cards

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