An unexpected move to the USA spurred this couple to plan the real wedding of their dreams… Chloe and Milo got married in April 2011. Read on to find out all about it!


WHO: Chloe and Milo

WHERE: Woodhall Manor, Woodbridge, Suffolk

WHEN: April 2011

PHOTOGRAPHER: Neil Bailey Photography


The proposal

“We’d already been together for nearly 11 years. I had a son from a previous relationship, and then we had another little boy together, but never actually got round to marrying. However, when Milo found out he was being relocated to New York, I think that spurred him into action!” laughs Chloe. “So, during a flight from London to New York, he popped the question. It was quite funny because the air stewardess had said ‘welcome Mr and Mrs Carver,’ when we boarded, and I’d said ‘oh no, I’m not his wife’. So, then when we left, we called them over and explained we were now engaged! Word got out to the pilot and he personally congratulated us and even let us have our photo taken in the cockpit!” says Chloe

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“Word got out that we’d become engaged during the flight. Even the pilot came out to congratulate us!”

The bride’s outfit

Chloe’s gorgeous Suzanne Neville gown received celebrity status, when it was also picked by Gary Lineker’s new wife. “It’s a beautiful creation, lacy with short delicate sleeves, a fishtail shape and tiny buttons down the back,” smiles Chloe. “In fact, I think the back was even more beautiful than the front!” she adds

The groom’s outfit

Milo and Chloe’s eldest son hired their suits from Dante Zeller in New York and their waistcoats from Dessy

The bridesmaids

Chloe’s two older girls looked dreamy in their taupe-coloured dresses from Dessy. “My sister actually fell pregnant just after we’d ordered them, so we panicked a bit! However, the dress fitter at Hilary B was amazing. She waited until very close to the wedding and then remade the back of her dress adding an extra panel and lace in order for the dress to fit over my sister’s pretty large bump!”

The ceremony

Because the family had already applied for their visas in order to relocate to America, Milo and Chloe also legally married at the same time. “Our ceremony was more of a vow renewal so we could share the experience with our friends and family, but to us, it still felt like our actual wedding,” explains Chloe

“The best money we spent was on the children’s entertainment. I wanted to take them home with us!”

The flowers

“Milo had regularly bought me flowers from Flowers by Anne when we lived in Colchester, so we knew we wanted her to create our real wedding blooms, too,” recalls Chloe

The favours

Guests were spoilt with plenty of treats to enjoy. Official real wedding favours were pottery egg cups from Sutton Pottery, which included the couple’s names and wedding date. There was also a basket of flip-flops in the ladies bathrooms and toys for the kids!

The cake

Cupcakes and a larger cutting cake were provided by Amazing Cakes by Jean

The honeymoon

Because the couple are living in New York, just a three hour flight to the Caribbean, and Milo’s parents have offered to babysit, they’ve got no excuse not to go, right?!