As anyone who has been to a wedding knows, most couples will usually have a gift list for their guests to help set them off on their lives together. While the wedding gift list isn’t a new concept, the items on the list have certainly changed over the years.


Traditionally in our grandparents or even our parents’ years, living together before marriage was almost unheard of. As a result the wedding gift list was usually the households essentials like toasters, kettles, cutlery and towels to help the bride and groom fill their new home when they tied the knot.

Nowadays most couples live together before they tie the knot (indeed there are currently over 3.2 million unmarried couples living together across the UK) and so the need for household items on the gift list has somewhat disappeared.

So what is on the 21st century gift list?

While modern couples may have all the everyday home essentials already they can use their gift list to upgrade to items like a romantic dinner for two, lingerie, a spa break or even honeymoon accommodation.

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And for those who are looking beyond the honeymoon, a life insurance policy would put a plan of protection in place so your loved one will be financially ok if anything happens to you. Life insurance is in many ways the ultimate act of love as you take it out for the one you love.


While turning up to a wedding with a piece of paper for a first year of life insurance might not sound the most romantic, guests could look to online life insurance provider Beagle Streetwhich has turned its policies into art that can be hung on the wall – turning a mundane document into something more meaningful and valuable.

Some of the UK’s biggest artists are behind the life insurance policy art – Jessica Albarn (younger sister of Blur frontman Damon), top typography print maker Anthony Burrill and creative duo Craig and Karl. Each piece of art is emblazoned with ‘ENJOY LIFE’ on the front with customer policy details printed on the back.

So no more wedding day toast(er)s, but lots more options from spa breaks and lingerie to accommodation and life insurance.


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