We all know it’s common for brides to spend time, effort and money to look their best on their wedding day, but what about the groom? Recent news suggests men are actually spending way more time on grooming, too! Here are six preening ideas for your h2b…

Teeth whitening

A pearly white smile has got to be one of the most important features of your wedding pics, plus white teeth can instantly make you look more youthful. Teeth whitening services are widely offered at dentist surgeries, beauty salons and even from the comfort of your own sofa via at-home kits. For the best treatment, use a practitioner who is registered with the General Dental Council.

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No longer a female-only treat, facials are becoming a more unisex activity. According to stag company, Maximise, spa days are growing in popularity for stag weekends as well as their hen counterparts; traffic to their stag spa pages has risen 30% and booking by 7.5%. Whether it’s for grooms to pamper themselves before the wedding, or detox the stag-do sins, there’s no denying that the fresh-faced look is a must-have for the wedding day.


A new ‘do

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If your budget permits, hair transplants can be a confidence-booster for guys with areas of hair loss and might make the difference for a self-conscious groom to look and feel his best for your wedding day. Nadeem Uddin Khan, Clinic Director of Harley Street Hair Clinic, highlights that: “It is a bigger investment but the feel-good memories, photos and your partner’s new hair do will last long after the wedding is over, unlike some of the other expenses”.


Beard grooming

Beards have made somewhat of a resurgence recently, but a straggly, unkempt beard can actually age someone. A visit to the barbers for a beard tidy-up or a clean shave can make a guy look very distinguished. There’s also the chance to have nose and ear hair trimmed by the barber, should that be getting a bit unruly, too.

grooms-grooming-Beard Grooming

A manicure

It’s inevitable that you will both have your hands photographed on the big day to get a shot of those gorgeous rings. Men’s hands are not as delicate looking as women’s and probably get a lot less TLC. Why not visit a salon together for a manicure to ensure both of your talons are in tip top condition and reduce embarrassment for him. Plus, you can then remind your groom that only clear nail polish is allowed (unless you’re marrying Johnny Depp).


A tan

It’s much more common for brides to tan prior to their wedding day so it can make the groom look of a noticeably paler skin tone for the photos. A light spray tan 2-3 days before, or using a gradual tan moisturiser daily for a week prior can help add a golden glow to the skin. If tanning is a step too far for your macho man, then the photographer can always edit the photos afterwards to even out skin tones.

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Now that the preening is out the way, what about the outfit?! Does your groom know the must-know rules of wearing a suit?