A Groom’s Version Of Wedding Planning!

We take a cheeky journey inside the mind of a groom to help you delegate jobs and duties of wedding planning accordingly…

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What he’s interested in…

Make the most of your groom’s real interests and don’t pass him off the boring jobs. This way, you’ll have no problem with keeping him engaged in the wedding planning process.

The honeymoon

It’s a holiday after all, and all that is associated with honeymoons – sun, sea and sex – cannot be seen as a bad thing in the mind of your groom.

The gift list

Presents, cash, and maybe returnable presents for cash. He sees this as a chance to get money back on you spending too much on those huge, elaborate table decorations that you ‘just needed’ to have!

The music

Why not choose a traditional tune to walk in to, but then let your groom decide on your recessional song? Don’t miss our most popular list for songs walking in and walking out!

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The food

Food is the way to a man’s heart as some say, and it’s definitely one of the more fun jobs of the wedding planning. Did someone say tasting session?


The drink

Need we say more? Your wedding is a party, and drink tends to get the party going and everyone having fun! Perhaps your groom can suggest his favourite tipple or create a wedding cocktail just for you?

The guest list

‘You invited who?!’ – Make sure your husband-to-be is involved with the guest list. You won’t necessarily know everyone he wants there – or anyone he doesn’t.

The suits

Any excuse to buy a nice, new suit, will not go amiss to any man, and as it’s for his wedding day, it’s extra special. Just make sure he knows these top grooms wear rules and tips!

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What he should stay away from…

There are a few things that are probably best to handle yourself!

The invitations

Your invitations will be the first glimpse of your big day that your guests will get. Make sure they complement your theme and more importantly include all the right information – and get sent on time.

The dress

If you’re considering which wedding traditions to break, DON’T make it this one! The dress has to be kept a secret from your groom until the big day itself – the shot of him seeing you for the first time will be one of your favourites in the album, we promise!

The flowers

Your bouquet will have to complement your wedding dress so it’s best to keep this one under wraps until the big day too. Discuss colours and, of course, his buttonhole with the groom but don’t give any other details away.

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Our list may be a little tongue-in-cheek but do try to delegate some jobs to your h2b or other members of the bridal party. You can’t do everything yourself! We’ve got a great to-do list just for grooms, and if you find that useful, you’ll love our best man checklist and bridesmaid checklist too!