From bow ties to cravats, choosing the right tie can make or break your groom’s overall wedding look.


Neck ties

Neck ties come in two forms, a standard neck tie that’s normally 9cm wide and a skinny tie.

Skinny ties should be tied in a simple four-in-hand knot whereas a normal tie would look best tied in a Windsor knot, paired with a slim-fit suit and a wide lapelled shirt. This is best if you want a modern groomswear look.

Bow ties

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Quirky and oh-so chic bow ties have been making a big comeback over the last few years.

Go glamorous and pair a black, satin bow tie with a tuxedo. You and your groom will look like Hollywood stars walking down the aisle.

For a chic and stylish look, pair a textured bow tie with a brown woollen suit.


Normally paired with morning suits to finish the traditional groomswear look, cravats can also be worn with a three-piece suit. Pair a pale pink cravat with a navy blue suit for a timeless look.

What’s your groom wearing on you big day?