Carly and David had a gorgeous real wedding in St Andrews Church in Hornchurch…

A fantastic real wedding with Carly and David in St Andrew's church

WHO: Carly and David

WHERE: St Andrew’s Church in Hornchurch and Harefield Manor, Romford

WHEN: July 2010

PHOTOS: Paul Whitehall

How they met

“I met Dave through a friend when we were 18, but later moved away to university and didn’t see him again for another 5 years. “On our way home from clubbing, I saw him and recognized him immediately ” explained Carly. “We ended up sharing a cab home, and arranging a double date for the following weekend.”

The Proposal

“It happened on Christmas day 2009. I woke up to find that Dave wasn’t there but I could hear him shuffling around downstairs. As I walked down, he played our song (the DJ Sammy version of ‘Heaven’) and he wrote ‘Will you marry me?’ in rose petals. He was on one knee with a ring in his hand, and even dressed up in a suit,” smiles Carly.

Bride’s outfit

“After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing with indecision, as I thought it was a very unusual dress, I got ‘Mia Solano’ from a nearby bridal shop called Bride and Groom Couture in Hornchurch. It had a sweetheart neckline bodice, then the skirt was layers of netting going in to points. After a lot of compliments, I eventually decided this dress was the one for me; no other dress was good enough,” adds Carly.

Groom’s outfit

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“David got his outfit from Young’s Hire, he wore a navy blue tailcoat with a white waistcoat and cravat. He looked really handsome,” she beams.


“I had three adult bridesmaids and one flower girl. Their dresses had a sweetheart neckline like my dress, and were a silver colour which matched well with the silver beading on the bodice of my dress. The flower girl’s dress had a silver strip at the front and a silver flower.”

Getting ready

“I had my make-up done professionally by a woman who works for a shop called WAGS in Romford. As I’m quite young looking, I went for the smokey-eyed look to make me look my age.”

“I had three adult bridesmaids and one flower girl.”

The ceremony

“Our ceremony was beautiful and really meant a lot to me. My favourite part was the vows; I was so nervous before, thinking about everyone looking at us, but when I reached for David, it felt like there was no one else there.”

The reception

“The venue was the Harefield Manor Hotel, in Romford. We had a three-course wedding breakfast and the food we had was absolutely delicious, it could not be faulted. All the speeches were very funny, I laughed so much; my dad went first, then the two best men did a double-act speech, then a very nervous David finished the speeches off,” explains Carly.

“We were living like kings and queens. We stayed in a five-star hotel called Excellence Rivera in Cancun, Mexico”

The honeymoon

“We were living like kings and queens. We stayed in a five-star hotel called Excellence Rivera in Cancun, Mexico and were completely spoilt with champagne on arrival, a hot tub, a king-size bed and different excursions to go on for our time there. We’ve even planned to go back there on our 10th wedding anniversary,” smiles Carly.