real-wedding-leonie-tom-featuredThe proposal

“Tom woke me at 5am out of the blue ‘to go on an adventure’. We ended up taking a hot air balloon ride from the edge of Dartmoor, out towards the sea,” explains Leonie. “After the ballooning we went for a picnic at our favourite beach, and that’s when Tom popped the question,” she adds

The bride’s outfit

“I really wasn’t sure about the whole big white dress thing – I was nervous enough about being centre of attention, without wearing a massive meringue, too,” says Leonie. Our bride decided to have a dress made bespoke from a local seamstress, so she could be more in control of the design. “As well as being the perfect dress for me, it was also a brilliant experience to see the design come to life, and be able to tailor it to my needs along the way,” she adds  Leonie_&_Tom_14th_July_12-78

The groom’s outfit

Handsome groom Tom looked dashing in his grey Prince of Wales check suit from A Suit That Fits

The bridesmaids

Leonie’s four best girls looked picture perfect in their dusky pink frocks from Debenhams. “I didn’t think we’d ever find one dress that they all liked and agreed on, but we got there in the end!” smiles Leonie

The ceremony

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The bride and groom opted for a traditional, religious church ceremony, which included two readings and classic hymns

The reception

Took place down the road at the local cricket ground in Kingston. Their food was a gourmet BBQ of mackerel, spare ribs, squid and lamb kebabs, with green bean salads and delicious warm bread  Leonie_&_Tom_14th_July_12-177

The flowers

“My mum and her friend, Annie Tempest did the flowers, along with the help of my sister and our family friend Linda, plus some very generous people from the village who let us raid their gardens!” recalls Leonie

The decor

“My mum was a total legend and handmade 50m of bunting! The marquee came with a beautiful chinoise lining, so we covered the tables in brown paper to save on white linen hire and keep it casual. I also made 30 table mats with different materials to give the tables some colour,” explains Leonie  Leonie_&_Tom_14th_July_12-170

The favours

“Tom’s mum and dad are brilliant gardeners and grow lots of fruit and veg. Tom’s dad made strawberry jam, and his mum planted tiny apple trees, while Tom and I made elderflower cordial all as favours.”

The honeymoon

Leonie and Tom took a romantic trip to the Lake District.

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