If you and your girls are the life of the party, then you’re probably looking forward to a crazy night out for your hen do! However, if you want it to be a night to remember instead of a night you’d rather forget, there are some simple rules to follow. We asked hen night experts UKGirlThing for their guide to surviving your hen party and still feeling fabulous at the end of it!


Pace yourself

It’s a piece of advice heard by many of us before a wild night out with the girls, and there’s reason for this. No-one wants to be the one passed out in the corner of the room by 8pm, even more so if you’re the bride-to-be. You can guarantee that there will be cameras clicking if you do! A good way to pace yourself is to match a relatively sensible friend drink for drink – if you find yourself finishing your drinks before they do, try and slow it down a little.


Sleep beforehand

So you’ve planned in three days of energetic activities and hen party excitement – that’s going to take a lot of energy! Try and get some well-deserved rest and downtime before the fun kicks off. As you would with your wedding day, you want to feel relaxed, calm and collected when it’s time for you and your hens to party the night away.

Plenty of water

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This is an especially important point during the summer months – it’s so easy to get dehydrated when you mix high temperatures and alcohol. Follow the old-school rule that you should drink one glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume, and that should be enough to keep those pesky headaches at bay.


Eat properly

Let’s admit it – a lot of hen weekends are planned around when and where drinking will occur. It’s important to plan your meals properly too and make sure you eat enough and often. Organise a meal out, afternoon tea or a food-based activity such as pizza-making beforehand to ensure your stomachs are sufficiently lined.


Comfy shoes

When it comes to nights out, there’s always at least one girl with blisters hobbling ten metres behind everyone else. Day or night, make sure your shoes fit properly and are appropriate for the activity planned. If you decide to have a day shopping and walking around a city centre, wear comfortable flats. Dancing? Take that trusty set of heels and an emergency set of ballerinas in your handbag. There’s nothing worse than your head and heart being on the dance floor and your feet just wanting to walk right on home!

Recovery pack

An increasingly popular (and sensible!) hen party idea is the recovery kit. Like a hen party goodie bag for the morning after, this has everything you need to make you feel a little more human after a night on the tiles! Think orange juice, painkillers and sweet and savoury snacks – anything that’s likely to put a smile on your face when you’re feeling a tad groggy!

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