You’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and now you’re ready to tell them… but how do you go about it?

Marriage proposals are becoming more creative by the day. Rather than finding a nice romantic spot and getting down on one knee, men and women are often on the lookout to push the elements of surprise and creativity to a new level. Sam-Richy-21

So far we’ve seen ‘Will you marry me?” written on pizza boxes, animals strolling around with rings around their necks and messages carved into trees. But for those struggling for ideas, online blind retailer,, has you covered with the creation of its latest proposal blinds.


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Next year is a leap year, which means more women than ever might be popping the question in 2016. If you’re looking for a fun and quirky but equally romantic way to propose, lure your loved one towards your chosen window (soon to be their favourite window) and roll down a blind that says those life changing four words for you – “will you marry me?”.

Ideally, you’ll be in the middle of redecorating your first home together, but if not, it might be that you have to carry out a quick spot of DIY on your lunch break or you could simply pretend you are putting up a new blind. Whatever your excuse, it’s an easy way to push the proposal boundaries. What about making the moment even more memorable and having rose petals or candles leading up to that special window spot…?


For those looking to pop the question in a way your loved one would never expect, all prints are now available to buy as roller blinds from Prices start from £99.