A fab real wedding with gorgeous Indian touches in Surrey… Neev and Chan got married in April 2011. Read on to find out all about it!


WHO: Neev and Chan

WHERE: Pembroke Lodge, Richmond, Surrey

WHEN: April 2011



The proposal

“We had been together for just over three years and I was dying for him to pop the question,” smiles Neev. “Every holiday we went on, I was there with my perfectly-manicured nails waiting, and nothing! Then one Christmas Eve, Chan came to Kiss FM, while I was on air and held a sign up through the studio window that said ‘will you marry me?’ – I reacted in such a funny way, crying and laughing, all live on the radio!”

The bride’s real wedding outfit

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Neev dazzled their guests in her glamorous, 1930s-inspired gown by Caroline Castigliano. “The real wedding dress was made from Italian silk, and the style name is Josie,” remembers Neev. “I felt like a Goddess in that gown!”

The groom’s outfit

“We chose Chan’s Paul Smith tie together on Valentine’s Day. It actually became a very important part of the real wedding because we matched our flowers to it,” smiles Neev. Chan’s suit was from Armani, teamed with a light Prada shirt

The bridesmaids

“I didn’t actually have any official bridesmaids, but my best friend who lives in Australia, watched the whole wedding live over the internet!” says Neev

The flowers

Wrap and Tie Floral worked alongside Pembroke Lodge to create the couple’s breathtaking blooms. They added lemons and limes in the bottom of the vases, because Neev loves them so much

“I felt like a Goddess in my wedding gown!”

The ceremony

“Standing outside before the ceremony, the nerves started to kick in,” recalls Neev. “My Dad looked at me and said; ‘it’s OK Beta’ (meaning my beloved child), smiled a massive smile and off we went. I thought I would cry, but seeing all the people I loved beaming back at me made me smile even more. I was overwhelmed with happiness.”

The reception

“We had one of my favourite musicians, Damien Flood perform at the wedding, and alongside his percussionist, they rocked the place!” beams Neev. “We also started the evening with a Chinese lantern release and then Chan surprised me with a firework finalé over Richmond park,” she adds. The guests were given Indian mirrored boxes filled with sweet almonds, we love!

The honeymoon

“I had no idea where we were going, only that I had to pack for two weeks!” remembers Neev. “After I’d said goodbye to my family, Chan gave me a book about the Seychelles, and that was it!”