When planning your dream day, one often stops and asks themselves what actually makes the perfect bride and the perfect groom? Weddings tend to unveil a host of pressures on both parties and they can often put strains on relationships (not always but sometimes). To give you some pointers on how to avoid this happening, of the top wedding venues Hampshire has to offer, The Bell Inn are on hand with some advice. Here are three tips to helping you become the best bride and the greatest groom…

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The Perfect Bride

1. Be open to ideas. Listen to your Wedding Co-ordinator as they are there to take the brunt of the pressure off your shoulders.

2. Try and avoid making all the decisions yourself. Remember your partner as willing or unwilling as they might be to get involved, by encouraging them to make decisions will give them less reasons to get cold feet.

3. The dress. Although a big expensive dress can seem like the most important decisions you make, remember that grooms tend to see them as a waste of money so ensure you justify your budget. After all, you only wear the dress once so they have a good point.

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The Prefect Groom

1.Get involved in the wedding and be a part of the DMP (decision making process). Grooms have a tendency to not get involved until the end and this causes disagreement too late in the wedding planning process.

2.Traditional weddings tend to focus around the bride so don’t feel overlooked or under appreciated. While the looking good is important for the bride, being an all rounded good host is more so the groom’s role and this is what makes peoples everyone have a great day.

3. Be mindful of the communication and relationship between your bride and you’re mother. The groom’s mother often tends to be very over protective of their son (especially if they’re an only child). Get her involved but continue to remind her that it is your special day.

The Bell Inn best bride and groom post

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